This Multi-Purpose Charger Will Power You Up Anywhere in the World

Seriously, anywhere.

The Details:

  • Charge up to four devices at once with one piece of gear.
  • Comes with socket adapters for EU, UK, and AU use.
  • Large 10,000 mAh battery for longevity.

Why You Want It: The more you travel internationally, and the more devices you carry with you, the more difficult it becomes to reliably charge those devices. The GOSPACE Supercharger was designed with this problem in mind. It features practically every connection — including the super fast USB-C — and even comes with a range of international socket adapters.

The Deal: This incredibly useful charger is currently 54% off at The Inverse Shop, bringing the total down from $99 to only $44.99 out the door. If you’re a traveler who needs reliable access to their devices, nabbing this deal makes a whole lot of sense.

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