The Tools You Need to Skyrocket Your Productivity

This will seriously revolutionize your workflow.

Sometimes app bundles can tempt you with low prices, but then when you look at what’s actually included, half the pack is practically useless. This “Epic Bundle for Macs” is different. You can manage your tasks and time, collaborate over docs, build websites, boost system accessibility, and protect your data with the help of these add-ons, and all at 93% off retail. That’s only $29.99 for 8 top-tier apps instead of the normal $478.71 when you head over to The Inverse Shop.

As you move through projects, use Pagico 8 to map your tasks and notes onto concise flow charts for productivity. Keep track of your timeline and contacts with Fantastical 2, and make use of PDF expert to edit and transfer docs. Command-Tab streamlines your apps for one-click switching, while iStat lets you track system usage and optimize performance. And for your next website, Flux 7 lets you combine drag & drop with as much or as little coding as you want — complete case-by-case flexibility.

$29.99 is a steal when you consider these are 8 highly practical and acclaimed apps. If you’re looking to fire up your Mac workflow, check out The Epic Bundle today in The Inverse Shop.