The Best iPhone Chargers on Amazon

Get your charge on with these iPhone Fast Chargers on Amazon.


Looking for a new charger for your iPhone but aren’t sold on sinking $30-$50 on an official adapter when there are either cheaper or more functional options. If you find yourself wondering what else the world of chargers has to offer for your iPhone, then follow along as we list some of the best adapters you can nab.

Unsurprisingly, the charger that comes in the box of the iPhone doesn’t allow you to charge the device as fast as it can. For that, you’ll need to get a separate adapter and compatible cable. The latter of which isn’t hard to come by and you can grab a solid USB-C to Lighting cable right here for under $20. The charging adapter, sometimes referred to as a charging brick can have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

Pick your brick

RAVPower USB C Power Delivery Charger

RavPower Charger


RAVPower makes some solid chargers, whether they’re wired or wireless. This particular adapter is best if you’re in a household that has both iOS and Android devices, as you’ll find support for both fast charging standards (USB C Power Delivery and USB A Quick Charge). Having both fast charging options in one charging adapter make this one of the most flexible options on the list.


Aukey USB C Charger


Aukey should be a relatively familiar name if you’ve ever searched for a charger or power bank on Amazon before. And rightfully so. Aukey makes solid products that undercut a majority of its competition without sacrificing on quality. This particular charger also ships with fast charging powers for iOS devices thanks to the USB C Power Delivery standard in place, but that’s not all. It’s also powerful enough to charge a MacBook, making it quite the powerhouse of a charger. Below the USB C port is a standard USB A port, which sadly does not offer Quick Charge capabilities but will charge most devices nonetheless.

Anker USB Type C Wall Charger

Anker USB C Charger


Anker, another familiar name in the world of chargers and portable power offers up some of the best affordable options out there. This USB C charging adapter is basically as no-frills as it gets. It’s a 30W USB C Power Delivery (noticing a pattern?) brick that will allow you to charge a Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone, and anything else that will accept a USB to USB C/A.

There’s little else to be said about this charger. There’s no extra charging port for dual charging, but you will find a blue LED light for illumination. Add in an 18-month warranty and you’ve got a solid adapter for under $20.


Choetech USB C and USB A Charger


No one will blame you if you have never heard of Choetech, nor will they blame you if you immediately forget their name upon hearing it the first time. Regardless of that, they make a mean charging adapter! Not unlike Aukey’s adapter above, Choetech’s USB C (PD) brick offers an additional USB A port that doesn’t specifically mention Quick Charge support, but the ability to charge two devices at once is beneficial enough, so it’s hard to throw stones.