The Best Smart TVs for Every Size

These are the Smart TVs you should be looking for.

It’s 2019, and if you don’t already own a smart tv and don’t have a dumb TV with a smart set-top box, you’ve probably been thinking of doing one of the two. Sure, adding a smart TV box to an existing TV with an HDMI port is cheaper but isn’t it simply delaying the inevitable if you don’t already have a smart TV? Worry not, friend. We’re going to take you through some of the best smart TV options for every popular size around!

32 inch TV - Just Don’t

At this size and price range, you’re basically buying a glorified monitor that connects to the internet. Take your pick, they’re (practically) a dime a dozen. The real fun begins when you go bigger.

43 inch TV - Samsung Frame Smart TV

Samsung Frame 4K TV


It’s completely possible to spend the same amount on a fancy smaller TV than a larger standard one. Samsung’s Frame Series is one of the best examples of this. The nearly $1200 Frame Smart TV is every bit as gorgeous as it is expensive. Meant to blend into its environment, the set appears to be a photo frame and as such, has an “art mode” to showcase art in 4k. Yes, it’s basically a very expensive digital frame but it’s also a very capable LED TV.

55 inch TV - LG C8 OLED TV



Samsung’s QLED tech it’s been boasting for the past few years is really something to behold, but it has yet to dethrone LG’s OLED TV panels. They’re stunning, unrivaled, and getting cheaper and cheaper. The best part of the entire series, from the “lower-end” B series to the Signature Series G8 set, the screen tech remains the same. This means that you’re getting the same inky blacks and beautiful colors no matter which you get.

65 inch TV - Sony Bravia OLED A9F

Sony Bravia OLED TV


While Sony uses LG’s panels to make its own Bravia OLED TVs, it could be argued that the PS4’ makers high-end sets are superior in a couple of different ways.

First up is the software, which is Android TV vs Palm’s LG’s WebOS platform. While it’s true that the latter OS ships with a very nice Wii-like remote and is fairly intuitive, you simply get more out of Android TV. It’s smarter, more powerful, has a legitimate app store built-in, and Google Assistant. (Many of LG’s 2018 models also have Google Assistant baked in as well).

It’s not just the software, though. Sony’s X-Reality Pro Engine and 4K HDR Picture Processor really set it apart and provide an even more stellar experience than what you’ll find on LG’s TV. Another nifty feature you’ll find on some of Sony’s OLEDs is the Acoustic Surface tech, which places actuators and subwoofers behind the display that vibrate to create sound.

77 inch TV - LG Wallpaper W8 OLED



While few people will really be in the market for a TV as large as 77 inches, but it’s at least enough to have a market for it. And, if you’re in the market for such a sizable panel, why not make it the best the TV world has to offer? In that case, the LG W8 Wallpaper OLED is for you. At nearly $15,000, the W8 defines the term “luxury item” but it also brings the best of the best to the table.

The 77-inch 4K panel is essentially just that: It’s a giant screen that is less than a quarter of an inch thick. A single ribbon joins the display and the soundbar that doubles up as the brains and the input portion of the set. It’s a stunning experience to look at even turned off. If you’re looking for a truly cinematic experience with the absolute best picture quality TV technology has to offer and don’t mind spending an absurd amount of money to achieve said experience, this is the one for you.

Not looking to spend 15k on a TV because you respect yourself? Even though nothing really compares to OLED, an LED alternative would be Samsung’s 2018 4K QLED QN75Q8FN TV.

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