Are Proof's Nomad Pants the Perfect All-Purpose Chinos? 

We gave these all purpose pants a shot.


It’s no secret we’re a fan of Proof’s [Nova Series coat}( so we were definitely interested in trying their Nomad pants.

These pants advertise the following features:

  • Two-way stretch twill that breathes easy on long trips
  • soft handfeel similar to a midweight chino
  • dual rear welt pockets with black matte snap buttons
  • covert zip pocket for keeping your everyday carry safe when you’re on the move. Price: $98

Our Initial Impressions

There’s no question that this is a good looking chino. It’s well made, appears upscale and definitely something most would feel comfortable wearing to the office or on the road. I question how good it functions as a casual pant but some of that might be a matter of style.

What It Was Like to Wear It

The company’s claim about breathable twill held up. We spent a lot of time commuting and walking around New York city and we’re impressed with how breathable these were. Some chinos have a heavy feel to them and can make you sweaty and uncomfortable but these felt light throughout the day.

Nomad pants secret pocketHuckberry

The secret pocket was actually much more welcome than we expected. Honestly, we thought this was a bit of a throwaway feature, but if you’ve ever worn chinos on a regular basis you know the fear you have that your wallet or phone is going to slide out of your pockets. We didn’t have to worry here. The zip pocket sits inside the right-side pocket and was big enough to hold an iPhone XS and a slim wallet.

Is This the Ultimate All-Purpose Pant?

It’s honestly pretty close. Again, whether you wear it casually is a matter of taste but it’s certainly not for lack of comfort. These pants were no problem to be in for 10-12 hours at a stretch. But if you’re the kind of person who wants to rock a pair of jeans on the weekend then these might not be right for you.

Is It Worth the Price?

We’re gonna go ahead and say yes. These retail for $98 which isn’t a huge price given their multi-purpose function. A pair of pants you can probably wear any day of the week and under almost any setting make it a more than reasonable price to pay for the Nomad.