Luxury Copper Sheets for Summer

You'll Need These for Summer

Spring is almost here! Although it officially arrives on March 20th, warmer weather is slowly—and awkwardly—arriving. It’s great when we get an increased amount of sunshine, but not so great when we wake up in a puddle of sweat. We’ve all been there—that one sticky morning where you wake up and need to peel your sheets off of your skin. But what to do? It’s not quite open-window warm, but certainly not turn-off-the-heat warm either. What does this mean for you? Most likely: more uncomfortably sweaty nights in bed. Gross.

Just in time to save the day (while supplies last) is the bedding you didn’t know you needed. 


SHEEX - Luxury Copper Sheet Set 

SHEEX has the cover without the smother (sorry). What makes SHEEX so effective at reducing sweat is its unique copper blend fabric. It is breathable, moisture-wicking material that releases ions which work to decrease oxidants in the body. The best part? SHEEX bed linens are also super soft, so you aren’t compromising a good night’s sleep. This combination of comfort and function helps regulate the body’s temperature to avoid waking up in a puddle. Plus, the bedding set comes with pillowcases in addition to bedsheets, so your neck and head don’t miss out on dry comfort.

There has been modest research detailing the benefits of using copper in everyday products, including in fabrics. Trials at University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, where they found 90 - 95% of microorganisms die in contact with copper objects. This science is backed up by the great reviews SHEEX boasts on Amazon, where it averages approximately 4.2 out of 5 stars. Get your SHEEX before they sell out!

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