Best CBD for Sleep

Good night, nurse!

by Amber Roshay

Getting a good night’s sleep is the goal for most people, but for some of us, zzz’s are elusive. Maybe that’s due to anxiety or stress, maybe some life choices you’ve made are haunting you, but whatever your deal, one possible solution is CBD. The natural compound comes from the cannabis plant, but doesn’t produce the high-like effect of marijuana. While it hasn’t been proven to help with sleep in a clinical setting yet, stacks and stacks of anecdotal evidence suggests that one significant therapeutic benefit of CBD is providing relief from insomnia.

Below you’ll find the seven best CBD product recommendations to help you get the rest you deserve.

Serenity Hemp Oil

You can take this oil sublingually (place a few drops under your tongue) or add some to your favorite drink. Serenity Hemp offers full-spectrum cannabidiol flavored with mint. It’s a tasty addition to an evening cup of tea—and may help you get some much-needed rest.

Hemp Technology Organic Hemp Oil

If you’re looking for high quality at an outstanding price, then this stuff is going to meet the criteria. This is lab-tested, organic CBD that doesn’t have any additional additives, and is a great natural sleep aid. Each batch is guaranteed to have the highest possible cannabidiol concentration possible.

Premium Hemp Gummies

If you’re looking for a super-sweet way to sleep better, then gummies might be the answer. Keylor Nutrition serves up quality CBD in yummy tropical flavors. Pop in one or two edibles an hour before bed, then slowly melt into sleep.

Heal Ford Hemp Oil Capsules

Cannabidiol also comes in capsules. While these takes longer to absorb in the bloodstream, once they do, the same soothing effect occurs. The low 25mg dosage of each capsule allows you to supplement with CBD during the day without getting tired—instead, it may help regulate your mood and stress, allowing for better sleep at night. Of course, everyone is different, and CBD can have different effects on different people.

Ylass Naturals Hemp Oil

Ylass Naturals’ full-spectrum hemp oil comes packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The product is organic, vegan, and Colorado-grown—and te best part is that you get two bottles for the price of one, and it’s easy to find a coupon.

Hemp Fusion Sleep Capsules

For those who want an extra strength dose to help them fall asleep harder and faster, Hemp Fusion sleep capsules pack a mighty punch. The all-natural sleep helper has 215mg of hemp extract, plus clove oil and black pepper fruit extract, which may also aid in sleep.

Dr. Botanic Nutrition Hemp Oil with Melatonin and Valerian

While CBD may encourage deeper relaxation leading to sleep, hemp oil with melatonin and valerian, both commonly used OTC sleep aids, will almost definitely make you sleepy. When combined with hemp extract, these may provide a quick and effective way to fall asleep faster. (And the price and quality are also excellent.)

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