These Addictive Puzzles Will Provide Fun for the Whole Family

For your next power outage, family game night or weekend away, these puzzles are full of fun.

There’s room still left in this world for the quality time that comes from investing oneself in a serious puzzle. Most of my childhood was marked by the periods in which my mother would monopolize the entirety of our dining room table for week-long periods while she would finish “the most difficult puzzle yet.” She’d finish it one day and then for the week after that it would sit so she could bask in the satisfaction of having finished it. At some point, she started gluing, framing and trying to pass off her completed puzzle as her own work of art. And I was just glad to have a place to do my homework again.

Obviously I have some resentment tied up in puzzles, but that was before I knew they could actually be more than historic monuments I’d seen a thousand times before or ominous battle scenes from wars passed. Meet the Jacky Winter Group’s Clemens Habitch’s Color Puzzles, the answer to decades of boring jigsaw puzzles.

Puzzles to me are like bowling. It’s only fun if you’re really good at it or have a great team, but even then my attention span hits a wall at some point within the 1st hour. But as mentioned above, I don’t think I’ve ever done—or seen—a puzzle that interested me until now.

Meet Jacky Winter Group’s Clemens Habicht’s 1000 Color, 1000 Halftone Color, and 1000 Vibrating Color Puzzles. Each puzzle is designed to deliver a different effect and degree of difficulty for the viewer.

The 1000 Color Puzzle is the CMYK color gamut—basically what you’d see if you went on Microsoft Paint or Photoshop and tried to select a custom color. Each tile is its own color and the name of the game is to try to piece together the puzzle by understanding the relationship of one color to another. By analyzing and differentiating tone and gradience—and the occasional help of the picture on the box— one might find themselves put into a relaxing trance.

Depending on the way your brain understands color, this 1000 Halftone Color Puzzle might end up being easier or more difficult for you than the formerly mentioned. In this puzzle, each tile has a number of dots in various sizes of cyan, magenta, yellow and black to create a custom color. Here, the dot pattern frequencies—such as, some colors of the puzzle having more magenta than another corner which has more cyan—can help solve the puzzle.

If one of these 1000 color puzzles ends up a hit in your friend group or family, chances are they all will. Collect them all and pull them out for the next time there is nothing to do. This option is not fun for the colorblind but otherwise, it’s cool as hell. Challenge yourself further by trying to figure out how to piece 1000 colors together into this delicate optical illusion.

So if you are from a puzzle family or your friends have been complaining of the monotony of your typical hangs, perhaps it’s time to spice it up with a visually challenging and sensory appealing puzzle. Fun for all ages and groups of people, you can invite the whole block over to try or do it yourself during a blissful weekend of unplugged solitude.

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