This Super Discreet Quick Charge Vape Is Less Than $20

If you're considering making the switch, start here.

If you’re currently alive, chances are at one time or another you’ve been party to the conversation on switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Millions have made the switch worldwide and it seems to be trending upwards in popularity. Not only are cigarette smokers opting for vaporizers over cigarettes, but recreational marijuana smokers have also started to use cartridges over traditional flower.

But why would you switch? On one hand, it’s a little less bad for you than all the fillers and chemicals found in cigarettes. And vaporizing reduces some of the health concerns associated with secondhand smoke and the people around you. But on the other hand, it’s more discreet than traditional smoking. There is less of an odor and it administers more of a direct hit of nicotine (or THC) meaning you need less to feel the same as regular cigarettes.

So if switching to vaporizing seems right for you — or you have already switched and you would like to try a new product — consider trying out Hippie Vaporizier’s Nano Plus Vaporizer. Now over 40 percent off, the “world’s smallest vaporizer” is perfect for wax and liquid concentrates. Its tiny size makes it super discreet as well as super portable. It features a preheat function that allows for a quick and convenient draw. You can adjust the voltage for the kind of hit you’d like and the magnetic cartridge connection allows for easy cartridge changes.

It charges quicker than any of the competition so when it does die, you are not left without for long. Never fret about charge with the quick charge function. Take a shower. Take a nap. Wake up and you are back in action. Includes a limited two-year manufacturer warranty and easily fits in your pocket or purse for travel anywhere.

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