Reimagine Your Productivity With This Incredible Mac App

Easily control and customize your on-screen assets.

The stock Mac dock severely limits your ability to bring up apps, files, folders, and photos and customize their on-screen presence. ActiveDock is a great alternative if you need easy access to multiple assets and want as much control over the screen as possible. Plus, you can snag a lifetime subscription to ActiveDock at the moment for only $19.99 after 60 percent off when you head to The Inverse Shop.

Using the integrated Preview feature, easily control the shape of windows and place them anywhere on screen. Organize with the Groups feature for easy access to all your elements, and line up your most vital assets for quick use via the Folders View. Add visual flair to your ActiveDock with fully customizable theme and icon sets, or switch off your app icons when you want to go minimal.

Having adequate control over your assets on screen can boost productivity through the roof and create a much better working experience. Check out what ActiveDock can do for 60% off right now at The Inverse Shop—just $19.99 for a lifetime subscription compared to the usual $49.99.

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