Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to Rival Bose and Beats by Dre

Clever features and great sound in one amazing package.

The Details:

  • AptX and AAC tech prevent lag while playing games or watching TV.
  • Automatically pauses the track via smart sensor when you remove your phones.
  • Onboard swipe control for skipping and volume.
  • Two integrated omnidirectional mics for phone calls.
  • Come in black or white versions.

Why You Want It: The V1s from Culture Audio cancel out 98 percent of outside noise for less distraction, automatically pause when you take them off and have low latency tech to prevent lag while watching movies or playing games on your TV. When you add high-quality drivers and a large battery capacity to the equation, these are hard to beat.

The Deal: Bluetooth headphones that check every box like this are generally not cheap, but you can get a real deal on the V1s at the moment. Usually $200, they’re only $135 after 32 percent off at The Inverse Shop. Head over and check them out now.