Aquapro Toothbrush Is the Best for Fighting Against Plaque

You absolutely need this

The Details:

  • Choose from 6 adaptive brush heads depending on your preference and focus area.
  • Comes with a rinsing glass that doubles as a charger.
  • Works on soft, whiten, or massage modes.
  • Last a whole month after one charge-up.

Why You Want It: When you brush your teeth, the prime goal is to break up plaque that can lead to hard masses. If left untreated, these masses lead to cavities. Because sustained vibration is the best way to dislodge plaque before it sets, there’s simply no competition compared with manual brushing.

The Deal: Ultrasonic toothbrushes might cost more than you’re used to, but the long term benefits are worth the investment. Plus, Inverse has a 30% discount running—get the Aquasonic PRO Toothbrush with 6 ProFlex Brush Heads, Wireless Charging Glass & Case now at only $69.99 instead of the usual $99.99 retail.