The Must-Have Smart Products For Your Living Room

Smarten Up Your Space With These Unbelievable Smart Items 

There’s a lot of thought that we put into our home and one our main focuses is to make sure our living room is perfect for both us and our guests to enjoy. It may be time to enhance it a bit while keeping your interior design style in check. These smart home products will subtly transform your living room into a smarter and more elevated space that will make relaxing so much more easier.

1. Add Some New Warmth With The Philips Hue Smart Light Kit

Lighting is key to making your living room the calming and welcoming place you want it to be. Whether you want to add warmer tones or to illuminate your room with as many as sixteen million different colors and shades, the Philips Hue Smart Light isn’t just any ordinary light bulb. Enjoy switching on your lights from the comfort of your own couch as you can control these smart bulbs through your smartphone or tablet that pair up with Alexa Voice Control, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.


2. Keep Your Space Cleaner Than Ever With The Roomba

The worst is when we get that last minute text that our friend is on their way over and we won’t even be home in time to vacuum our living room. There’s absolutely no need to rush anymore as the iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum has completely saved the day. This smart vacuum is an absolute must-have as it connects to your Wi-Fi, which allows you to schedule it to do the vacuum job on its own from the touch of your hand at any minute. All you have to do is download the Roomba app and you’re good to go. Let the Roomba welcome you home with the cleanest living room floor you’ve seen thus far as it’s equipped with a 3-stage cleaning system, dual multi-surface brush, and intelligent sensors that ensures that it gets to every corner possible. Both Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, let the Roomba do the job while you sit back and relax.


3. Let BOND Help You Stay In Your Cozy Spot

Relaxing is what the living room is for and having to get back up and down or fidgeting to find the fan remote is not. One of the most annoying things is when we get too hot and then having to get up from our cozy sofa to turn the fan or fireplace on. The good news is that you don’t have to move up from your seat anymore with BOND’s smart home automation system. All you have to do is plug in the BOND and once connected with your fans or fireplace, enjoy voice control that is Alexa and Google enabled. Activate your fan speeds and lights with from your smartphone and replace all those annoying remotes you have laying around!


4. Control Your Appliances Easily From Your Smart Phone

Simply your life and living room decor with this sleek and compact smart outlet! Easily schedule when you want your living room appliances turned on or off with your smartphone or hands-free voice control. When it’s time to turn the lights off for movie time, your voice is your command as this smart outlet is both Alexa and Google enabled. Bonus: this extremely cool outlet can even protect your home when you’re away with its “away mode”, which turns on a display of random lights that will trick potential intruders into thinking that you’re actually home. If you’re worried you left something on in another room, worry no more as you can control your appliances from anywhere.


5. Transform Your Living Room With The Sonos Smart TV Sound Bar

What comes with the perfect movie night or party? A soundbar that you can play anything from. Lucky enough, the Sonos Beam Compact Smart TV Soundbar is going to allow you to transform your living room into a smart home theatre (or nightclub) as it’s completely remote-free and provides sound that will fill your entire living room. Play your favorite hits from across the room as it pairs with any smartphone or ask Alexa to rewind back to your favorite movie scene with this soundbar.


6. Declutter With The Homepod Charging Stand

Having all of your items laying around may take up space that you need for your other essentials. Not to mention, having multiple cords laying around to charge all your smart products isn’t attractive either. Change that with this multipurpose Smart Homepod Stand. Sleek and subtle, put your favorite speaker on the top layer to get your tunes going while charging up your smartphone, Airpods, and smart watch with its high-speed 2 in 1 wireless charging station.


7. Ditch The Aux Cord With The Echo Plus

If you’re trying to transform your living room into the ultimate smart home experience, first and foremost, it’s time to toss your aux cord and get the speaker that does virtually everything for you. Easily pair up all your devices with the Echo Plus and ask away with the Alexa-enabled voice-command feature to play your favorite artist, turn up the sound, dim the lights, tell you the weather…the list goes on. Enjoy a full surround sound system with the Echo Dot’s crisp vocals and dynamic bass. Coming in three different shades, the Echo Dot is bound to fit into any color scheme you got going on.


8. Stay Relaxed With The Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

You may think that your space is fully equipped with all the smart home products that you could possibly think of until now. Enhance your living room into the most calming spot ever with this smart essential oil diffuser. Using ultrasonic technology, enjoy your favorite scent all with the touch of your smartphone or voice-command . Simply pair it up with Wi-Fi and stay cozy on the couch while adjusting the mode, mist, brightness, and color. With a variety of different colors and its elegant design, this essential oil diffuser will fit into any living room style.

9. Get The Perfect Temperature and Save Energy With Nest

We try to save money on our electric bill and turn off the thermostat before we leave the house and come home to a not so ideal temperature when all we want to do is simply sprawl out on the couch. Lucky enough, Nest has taken all our struggles in mind and has created this unbelievably smart thermostat. Nest is able to tell when no one is home and turns off to cut your energy bill in half as it’s earned an Energy Star yet schedules your temperature prior to you coming home. It also lights up within your presence to tell you the weather, time, and temperature using its Farsight feature. Feel free to adjust your rooms temperature from any smart device as it connects to WiFi. Bonus: it runs your next load of laundry when your energy demand is low and lights up your smart bulbs to get your attention in the case of an emergency.


10. Feel Super Safe With This Smart Security System

If you’ve ever seen the movie, Scream, you may know what it’s like to be relaxing and all of a sudden have that uneasy feeling. We may hear the simplest noise outside and run to our window to see what’s happening. Fear no more as Blink’s smart home security system is meant to make you feel safe as your unwinding. With both indoor and outdoor motion detectors, you can easily just look at your smart phone and see if there is really an emergency at hand. Equipped with night vision and free cloud storage, watch your kids play outside or monitor your sleeping baby while enjoying your favorite show at ease now without having to get up and pausing your favorite show.