Stay Organized on the Go With Our Best Travel Bag

Keep your essentials safe while looking stylish with this bomber barrel duffel bag.

Whether you need a rock-solid weekender bag or an extremely stylish gym tote, the Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag is here to make your next trip much smoother.


One of the biggest bonuses of this bag: It’s water-resistant. The last thing you want is for all your stuff to get soaked when you’re caught in a spring rainstorm, and this bag takes that problem completely out of the equation.

With both inner and outer pockets for your small essentials, you can keep your valuables safe while also having easy access to necessities. Equipped with military-grade clips and high-quality padded adjustable shoulder straps, this duffle bag is also remarkably comfortable.


It’s also designed to be lightweight, but stays by your side with its rivet-enforced wraparound padded velcro grips, and comes with a mini travel kit to keep your toiletries and other small essentials safe and organized. You’re a grown-up—it’s time to upgrade from that ratty zip-lock you’ve been hauling your toothbrush around in, after all.

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