Upgrade Your Fortnite Gaming Experience With These Headphones

Game better with the right headphones for the job. 

If I know anything about multi-player gaming, it’s that everything seems to go a lot smoother when you are able to communicate with your teammates. I might not be a seasoned gamer myself, but I am partnered to one and best friends with another, and I have watched many men rage quit in a moment of miscommunication. Never let that happen again with SteelSeries Arctic Pro Wireless Headphones, recognized as the world’s first high-fidelity gaming audio system.

What does that mean, exactly? Allow the specs speak for themselves. If wireless headphones are your preference, pair wirelessly with any device with Bluetooth capability. Prefer a wired connection? With the included aux cord, you can plug in to any headphone jack. All settings can be controlled and adjusted with ease through the wireless transmitter, but if you connect to Mac or PC, you’ll be able to see more advanced settings and set them to your exact liking.

High fidelity means you’ll never drop connection. The swappable dual battery system includes two batteries for a combined 20 hours of uninterrupted Fortnite playtime. The 2.4G wireless connection via USB transmitted provides lossless and ultra-low latency audio so your gaming experience will always be of the highest quality, while working in tandem with Bluetooth connection so that your audio is never, ever dropped.

And these aren’t only great for gaming—take them on the go for your commute to listen to your favorite music or podcast. Made with premium 40,000Hz speaker drivers, these headphones will work as noise cancelling headphones for your most serene travel experience yet.

Not convinced yet? While this set usually retails for over $329, they’re now on sale on Amazon for only $299.99 with add-on options for up to four years of accident protection.