10 Ways to Elevate Your Apartment This Spring

Ring in Spring With Some Items That Will Totally Revamp Your Home 

Spring is the perfect season to update your decor. After you get your spring cleaning done (and banish all the little dust bunnies from under the bed), it’s time to incorporate fresh, new items that can bring your apartment to a whole new level. It’s time to make your space fresh again.

1. Add Some New Life To Your Home With This Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

This charmingly photogenic fig tree not only brings vibrancy and green to your pad, but comes bearing the gift of sweet, sweet oxygen, too. Bloomscape’s Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is perfect because it comes with a high-quality terra cotta pot and saucer—no repotting necessary.


2. Stay Organized With This Magnetic Key Rack

If you’re sick of searching high and low for your keys every time you leave the house, it’s time to consider this magnetic key rack, which gives your keys a home to call their own. The understated, steel-and-wood design blends seamlessly into any design, and the built-in shelf is great for storing other grab-on-your-way-out necessities, like your wallet and sunglasses.

3. Switch Up Dinner With Crafted Wooden Plates

Blonde wood warms up any space. Bring some brightness into your home with these hand-carved wooden plates. Made from New England ash and hand-finished wood in Vermont, these plates bring a little clean-lined elegance (and a taste of the outdoors) to your kitchen table.


4. Brighten Things Up With This Lamp/Modern Sculpture

Is it a table lamp or is it a cool contemporary art piece? We’d argue both—and should mention that Tom Raffield’s designs Hanter Table Light won “Best Emerging Luxury British Brand” at the 2017 British Luxury Awards, so, you know, it’ll make you much fancier. Made of sustainably sourced oak finished with a blend of natural wax oils, this lamp is a stand-out item both in terms of its high material quality and elegant design.


5. Get Your Change Together With This Magnet Coin Storage Bowl

Organize all your loose coins with this sleek, magnetic change bowl. Its clean-lined, elegant design already belies that this ain’t your grandma’s change jar, but this thing goes a step farther—it’s secretly tech-y, with a little screen that tells you exactly how much money you’ve accidentally hoarded in loose change.


5. Make It Hot With This High-Tech Electric Tea Kettle

We’re going to call this one like we see it: This electric tea kettle makes other electric tea kettles look like ancient garbage. Check it out—Fellow’s Stagg EKG + Tea Kettle is equipped with Bluetooth, which allows you to start the kettle and control the water temperature from anywhere (e.g., your bed). Plus, just look at that clean, modern design. Yeah, it’s gorgeous.


6. Treat Yourself To New Luxury Towels

Nothing beats a good shower, but it’s not always easy finding the best towels. Let’s be real: even if you wash them regularly, towels build up bacteria over time, and changing out your towels completely is key to a good spring cleaning session For an instant upgrade, try these Onseen towels, which are super absorbent and dry quickly—preventing mildew, mold, and musty smells. Even better, they get softer and softer with every wash, and are made of long-staple cotton that’s Oeko-Tex certified (which means they’re more environmentally-friendly than your old towels).


7. Up Your Coffee Table Game With These Moon Coasters

Cast concrete is such a cool material, and it goes with absolutely everything. These hand-textured, hand-pigmented moon coasters will look cool on every surface of your home, and they come with a soft backing, so they won’t scratch, too.


8. Go Tiki With This Pineapple Tumbler

Make your warm-weather cocktails pop in these very on-trend pineapple tumblers. A cool summertime addition to your bar cart, these copper cups will keep your drinks cold (and you feeling so, so good).


9. Get The Scent of Spring With The Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Candles are great for some added winter coziness, but this ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is perfect for spring time. What makes this particular diffuser stand out is that it doesn’t actually use heat. Instead, it uses ultrasonic vibrations to get your favorite scent going. Plus, it streams at time intervals of your choosing (with an automatic shutoff after six hours), so it’s great for drifting off to sleep.


10. Bring In A Pop of Color With This Medea Rug

This spring, add some drama and color to your home with an authentic vintage Turkish rug. These unique, handmade rugs are carefully sourced by experts who ensure their high quality (and revitalize their color and patterns with specialized methods).


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