4 Jackets Worth Wearing This Spring

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Transitional seasons, spring being one of them, can be one of the hardest to dress for. You don’t know how cold it will be once the sun goes down and if you overcompensate, like I do, you might overlayer and end up sweating the entire day. No one likes either of those possibilities and the solution is often a lightweight jacket.

It’s hard to figure what that means though. Unlined raincoats can be too cold for the early spring, and denim can be too hot. But one thing is true, you’re not only seeking utilitarian function, you’d also like to look good. The weather getting nicer means more people will be out and about, and chances are you will have more motivation than in the colder months to make an appearance at an actual social event.

You don’t want your jacket to hide—or mask—the thoughtfully curated outfit you’ve put together. It should complement it and be a piece in and of itself. Here are 4 great options for spring jacket styles.

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