The 10 Perfect Products for Your Pet Valentine 


The 10 Perfect Products for Your Pet Valentine 


If you’re like half of uncoupled America and find Valentine’s Day to be a slap in the face to all your years of happily being single, I get it. Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone … and not every person is deserving of the kind of adoration that commerical Valentine’s Day tries to force, but like any other day of the week, your pet is absolutely deserving of a present.

What’s better than spoiling your fur baby rotten? It’s like having a baby without needing to co-parent or make $100,000 a year to adequately provide. They’re always grateful and super cute. It enriches your life and theirs, so why not ask your pet to be your Valentine this year?

Maybe your pet has been your Valentine for several years running. Maybe you don’t know what to get them this year. Maybe it hadn’t even occurred to you that Valentine’s Day is this Thursday.

On this list, you’ll find the perfect gift for your furry friend and then some.

The Plug-In Water Fountain That Will Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Why We Picked It: Created by well-known and reliable pet brand, PetSafe this water fountain is perfect for pets that don’t drink enough water. The included filter catches pet hair and debris before your pet can consume it.

The Cat Litter That Catches An Illness Before It's A Problem

Why We Picked It: One bag lasts one month and works to monitor your cat’s health before it becomes a problem. It doesn’t clump. It’s biodegradable and your cat will not track it throughout the house.

The Laser That Keeps Your Cat From Being Bored When You're Not There

Why We Picked It: A bored cat is a destructive cat. Keep your cat entertained with this super quiet, hands-free laser that will entice even the most timid of cats. 360 degree range and a variety of laser patterns keep the fun fresh.

The Dog Poop Bags That Will Not Ruin The Rest of Your Walk

Why We Picked It: Lavender scented and in quantities of 270, this order of dog poop bags might be the last you make for a while. Odor blocking scent and extra thick bags will prevent leaks and keep you from smelling your dog’s business for the rest of your long walk.

The Dog Toothpaste That Will Make Kisses A Much Happier Occasion

Why We Picked It: Dog breath can be one of the most foul smells known the man. Avoid it altogether with this poultry flavored toothpaste your dog will think is just another treat.

The Grooming Gloves That Will Comfort Even The Most Anxious Pet

Why We Picked It: Prevent mats, excessive shedding, dander build up and more with this convenient grooming tool. Perfect for bathing or just soft on the couch pets, you’ll be surprised at just how much gets picked up.

The Stuffing Free Dog Toys That Won't End Up In Shreds All Over Your Living Room

Why We Picked It: If your dog rips all the stuffing out of toys, chances are you’ve had more than one heart attack over how much they were able to swallow. Fear no more with these cute, stuffing free critters.

The Puzzle Toy That Will Keep Your Energetic Pup Buzzy For Hours

Why We Picked It: A bored pet is a pet that can get into trouble. Keep your pet entertained, enriched and occupied with this interactive treat toy.

The Pet Toy That Dogs And Cats Will Love

Why We Picked It: This toy will provide hours of fun and years of enjoyment to any dog or cat committed to cracking the code. Each hole is filled with a squeaking friend, but also works as the perfect fetch toy.

The Simple Toy Your Cat Will Love

Why We Picked It: Sometimes simple is the best possible option. This amazing rainbow toy is just a string on the end of a stick for endless fun with your adorable kitty.