15 Items You Need to Upgrade Your Home Look This Year

Whether or not you've been wanting to elevate your home, we've found the missing pieces with these insanely cool yet simple items.   

It’s a New Year and there’s probably a ton on your to-do list. Once the holiday decorations are down, you might be looking around and thinking of new ways to give your home a new look. You may also be tired of looking at the same items and just wanting to switch up your decor game for the first (or 20th time). Luckily, we found the latest and greatest items to elevate your home look ranging from rustic to modern-day chic.

1. The Original Bell Jar Table Lamp

Handcrafted in a local Tennessee workshop, Southern Lights Electric is bringing vintage back. While there are many different versions of the Edison style bulb lamps coming out, the quality isn’t as always as good as it seems. Each of these lamps come with a solid wood base with labels silk screened by hand as Southern Lights aims for not just charm but also quality. If you’re going for the rustic yet chic look for your home or office, this is an absolute must have.


2. This Nature Inspired Coat Rack

For nature lovers and decor enthusiasts alike, it’s time to say goodbye to your typical coat rack. This handcrafted maple wood coat rack will satisfy anyone’s decor preference as this piece of art (and coat rack) fits in to any type of taste whether it be the rustic, sleek & chic, traditional, or mid-modern century interior design styled home. Made in Denver with high-quality in mind, the designers from Housefish have reinvented the way you hang up your jackets while letting you become one with nature inside.


3. Copper Growler

The struggle of keeping your beer and other carbonated beverages cool and fresh for even over a few days is real. If you value your hard work of brewing your own beer or want to keep whatever quenches your thirst fresh and cool, the GrowlerWerk’s uKeg 128 is for you. While it is equipped with a VPR cap to keep your drink carbonated and its double-walled, vacuum-insulated vessel, this growler was also handpicked by us because of its vintage yet stylish design. This bad boy will elevate your home to a brand new standard on your bar cart, kitchen counter, or really anywhere honestly.


4. This Zoned Dough Memory Foam Pillow with Lavender

A huge part of having a making your dream home a reality is having your bedroom be the ultimate escape. There’s tons of pillows on the market that claim that they will put you right to sleep so you may be wondering how this is going to change your home. The thing about this memory foam pillow is that it is actually infused with real lavender. Instead of taking space up on your nightstand with an essential oil diffuser, this pillow already provides the aromatherapy experience you’ve been craving after a long day. The scent of lavender has been proven to help assist in falling asleep, better concentration, and a natural mood stabilizer. Also, not only does it make you feel like your head is resting in the clouds, its design with zoned pin-cores allows it to support your head, shoulders, and neck all night. Say goodbye to that next day pain and wake up feeling ready to conquer the world more than ever.


5. This Retro Classic Bluetooth Keyboard

Let’s face it - we probably spend a good portion of our day on our computers or tablets typing away. We look back in time and think of how long it took to type something on a typewriter yet feel nostalgic about how much cooler they looked than our flat boring keyboards. AZIO has fixed this dilemma by bringing the best of both worlds together with this insanely luxurious retro keyboard that is portable to bring anywhere in your home or office with its bluetooth feature. Stick this on your desk at home and wait about five minutes before your next guests asks you where they can get this handsome high-tech yet retro keyboard.


6. This Stability Ball Chair

Imagine that there was a day when an object would serve as a chic accent to your home that would also improve your posture while alleviating back and joint pain at the same time. It turns out that the day has come with Venn Design’s genius invention of the Stability Ball Chair. Handmade in Portland and specifically designed to increase blow flood and proper circulation, Venn Design has made the typical stationary chair look like the worst invention ever created. Bring it anywhere while styling up your home as its unique circular design and quality fabric serves as a minimal and modern look that will blend in to any type of room in your home. Don’t even be afraid to bring this into the office. Time to throw that old chair out as Venn Design has got your back.


7. Smartphone Projector 2.0

Who said you had to go to the theatre to watch a movie on a projector? The good news is that you don’t anymore. Luckies Smartphone Projector 2.0 gives you that cinema experience anywhere you please at home now. Enhancing your smartphone screen size eight times larger with an adjustable focus, you can get rid of that bulky TV, play your favorite shows in a room that are a bit too small for an actual TV, or anywhere you want to throw something on (maybe some Masterchef while you’re cooking dinner). No need to pass your phone along to others to play that funny video now as you can project it for everyone aka time for you to go get it ASAP.


8. Attachable Bidet

While bidets are very common in Europe and high-end hotels, we don’t find them often. If you have come across them, you may stop and stare and wonder what this weird thing is. Slim Zero’s attachable bidet is making bidets cool again with its blue night light and customizable water pressure. With a self-cleaning feature and specifically designed for comfort, this extra added piece of luxury to your bathroom is taking your home to a whole new level.


9. This Bistro Match Holder

We all love and cherish our candles, whether they be a whiskey oak to a relaxing lavender scent. However, there is nothing more aggravating than going on a quest for your lighter or small pack of matches. Not to mention, those aren’t very decorative in our humble opinion either. It’s time to enhance your coffee table, night stand, or wherever you keep your candles on and pair them with this stylish Vermont handmade Bistro Match Holder. Hand-dipped in a lead-free, and scratch-resistant glaze, what’s even extra cool is that you literally take the match and strike it directly on the ceramic. Talk about surprising your next guest and even yourself. Time to throw out those old lighters and tiny matchbooks that have been laying around!


9. This Footlocker Trunk

If you’ve been trying to find extra storage space and add a bit of a vintage vibe to your home, look no further as Seward’s trunks that have been in business since 1878, are absolutely perfect to put away your winter clothes in while using it as a coffee table or end table. As the versatility behind this trunk is endless, throw some magazines and a pretty vase of your favorite flowers on top while keeping the secret that you actually have a second closet now. Made from the best hardware, don’t be afraid to bring it with you as it comes with wheels for a reason. The look of an old-school trunk in itself is the perfect addition to bring your home to a whole new level.


10. Keep Your Drinks Cold with Teroforma Whiskey Stones

Sure, fancy ice machines are great and all but let’s skip to these whiskey stones. Made from soapstone in Vermont, these stones will bring you and your home back in time with Teroforma sticking to Vermont’s history of over 150 years of soapstone mining that served multiple purposes. You may be wondering how these pertain to keeping your drink cold but soapstone actually retains temperatures for a more extended period of time than your average ice cube and don’t worry - they won’t scratch your glasses either. Coming in a set of nine, these “ice” stones will absolutely step up your next dinner party by blowing away your guests with these crazy cool stones.


11. These International Whiskey Glasses

If you’re missing the mountains and enjoy whiskey, we’ve found the best of both worlds for you. To not only alleviate your wanderlust sorrows, Whiskey Peaks has created your new go-to 100% lead-free handblown whiskey glasses that are inspired by Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Fuji, and Mount Matterhorn. These glasses are bound to bring you back to your favorite mountains that lay rested (or should we say “mounted”) at the bottom of your glass. Sip your whiskey or beverage of choice on the rocks (literally) and start planning your next vacation to Rocky’s, Swiss Alps, or wherever your favorite majestical mountain may be.


12. This Chic Side Table & Magazine Holder

Ever lay in bed and realize that your side table simply does not have enough space or even worse, everything just spills over? Yeah, that’s happened to all of us. Thankfully, we’re about to declutter a bit with Yamazaki’s minimal and stylish side table. Not only does this side table fit perfectly in any room that goes with any interior design, but it comes with a sleek magazine holder on the side. Designed in Japan and made of steel and wood, this side table is about to elevate your home and organizational skills to a whole new level.


13. This Mini Smart Garden

If you’re tired of buying questionable fresh herbs and wanting to step up your kitchen game at the same time, let us introduce you to Click & Grow’s Mini Smart Garden. With all the smart products out on the market, one of the most impressive ones has to be Click and Grow’s mini smart garden. Inspired by NASA technology, this mini smart garden allows you to grow your own fresh herbs in the comfort of your own kitchen with the peace of mind of knowing that your precious herbs are free of pesticides and chemicals with its Smart Soil. Especially perfect for those who don’t have a backyard or direct sunlight coming through their window, this mini garden comes equipped with a special LED light that will make growing your fresh herbs easy as it requires very little attention but comes with the pride of growing your very own herbs!


14. Stay Organized with this Bandito Lifestyle Roll

If you’re tired of having cords laying around in your home or office like us, then it’s time for you to check out this super high-quality leather lifestyle roll. Add a little luxury to your life while preventing your tangled-up headphones and chargers laying around your home. Not only does this luxury leather roll switch your junk drawer to an organized portable pouch but also can carry pencils, your glasses, and really whatever you want. With its leather string tie, leave it on your coffee table as even a piece of decor to really elevate your home, whether you are the rustic or minimal interior type.


15. This Cozy Mountain Pillow

If you’re a nature lover who loves high-quality and cozy items, this Pacific Northwest inspired pillow was handcrafted just for you. While this is not only a perfect accent to your sofa or bed, there’s a story to be told when you explain how it’s made. This pillow is actually made from wool from top-notch US mills such as Pendleton and Woolrich with each pillow cut and sewn individually with love. Literally get your home a little more elevated with Three Bad Seeds mountain pillow!


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