'Arrow' Season 7 Spoilers: What Mia Smoak's Reveal May Mean for the Future

Arrow finally starts giving us some answers about the future in Season 7 Episode 13, from Mia’s identity to a possible change in Felicity’s fate. But if you’ve been following along you know the show still has some big surprises in store. So, what exactly is going on in Star City and the Glades in 2040?

Spoilers for Arrow Season 7 Episode 13 below.

In the present in “Star City Slayer,” Oliver and Felicity have to contend with a serial killer obsessed with Oliver (hello again, Stanley!) and William’s grandparents wanting to take him from them.

As a family, they manage to take out the former, but not before Stanley does slash Dinah’s throat, explaining her scar in the future and possibly taking her canary cry from her. Then, to give William a normal life, Oliver and Felicity agree to let him live with his grandparents in Central City.

Meanwhile in the flash-forwards, William, Roy, Dinah, and Zoe encounter Mia and Connor in the bunker. Mia and Connor get the drop on them, and that’s when we start getting some answers. Mia tells William she’s not planning to blow up Star City and she didn’t kill Felicity — because Felicity’s still alive.

Brother and sister finally meet in 'Arrow' Season 7 Episode 13.

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Connor’s supposed to be watching Roy and Dinah while Mia talks to William, but he fails at his job. Mia and Connor fight the two (former) vigilantes, and that ends with Roy aiming an arrow at Connor and Mia with her knife to Dinah’s throat. William puts a stop to that by aiming a gun at Mia.

But Mia knows he won’t shoot her, not after she learned his father is Oliver Queen and (step)mother is Felicity Smoak earlier. “My name is Mia Smoak,” she says. “I’m Felicity’s daughter and your sister.”

This reveal comes right after a present-day scene in which Felicity finds out she’s pregnant just as they’re saying goodbye to William. Does this mean that William doesn’t return to Star City as a teenager?

That puts a twist on everything we’ve heard about the future from Dinah so far. She told Roy and William that Felicity became evil and was working with Mia (aka, Blackstar) to blow up Star City. Then we found out that Rene, mayor of the Glades (which is thriving in the future), has been working with a mysterious man to destroy Star City and ensure that the Glades is the future. This man tells Rene that Felicity had become a liability, implying he killed her or had her killed.

But is Mia right? Is Felicity alive, or is that the daughter in her refusing to believe her mother’s dead? There is a flashforward-episode coming up, Season 7 Episode 16, “Star City 2040,” and if Felicity is alive, it’s possible that could be the episode in which we see her in the future.

The CW’s Twitter account for Arrow did post what looks like a behind-the-scenes photo with Ben Lewis (William), Kat McNamara (Mia), and Joseph David-Jones (Connor) from what looks like the Glades in the future. Could they find her or at least more answers about what’s going on in the Glades?

What we can assume is Felicity, Mia, and Connor aren’t evil and aren’t planning to blow up Star City. Instead, it’s beginning to look like what we know to be the team in the present becomes very divided in the future. Roy has the Mark of Four, along with Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Dinah, and Rene. It’s a tattoo that reminds them to always be there for each other. However, he didn’t recognize William when he first saw him in the future. It also took Dinah a moment to recognize Connor as JJ, and no one recognized Mia.

The two groups appear to be working towards the same goal — save Star City from being destroyed — but are going at it in two different ways. Maybe Felicity did take on her father’s codename of The Calculator to go undercover to get answers and attracted the wrong attention, leading to possibly faking her death? Or, if Felicity is dead (but without a body, that seems unlikely), it’s because she found out too much.

Arrow continues to be very vague about the future for William and Mia’s father, Oliver, and that likely is because of whatever deal he made with the Monitor in the “Elseworlds” crossover. We likely won’t find out what that is until next season’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, but will we really not know anything about Oliver’s future until then? That’s unclear.

For now, we know two things: Mia Smoak is Felicity and Oliver’s daughter, and we’re finally getting some answers about the future.

Arrow Season 7 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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