These Great Soundbars Are All Under $75

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When you think about the devices you’d put in your media center, what do you think about? Most people would probably list a nice TV, gaming system, and maybe a streaming gadget for apps like Netflix and Hulu. However, a media center isn’t complete without a soundbar.

Let’s face it, the speakers on TVs aren’t that great. Even if you owned the best TV in the world, those speakers would never be able to outperform a good stereo system. That’s because manufacturers are more focused on the TV’s display than its stereo. If you want a true home theater experience with crisp sound and deep bass, a soundbar is a must-have.

While many soundbars tend to be a bit expensive, there are also plenty of dirt-cheap options out there to consider. If you’re on a budget and need a soundbar to pair with your TV, we’ve listed some of the best models you can get for under $75.

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