16 Simple Valentines Day Gifts You Should Pick Up Now

Having trouble finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift? We've got you covered. 

Valentine’s Day is coming and so is the stress of what to get your significant other. Of course there is chocolate and roses (that will die in about a week) and you start wondering of how to really wow your partner. Well, we found these simple yet unique gifts to show your love & appreciation. Thanks to Amazon, you’re one click away from snagging the perfect gift.

1. This Chic and Super High Quality Shaving Kit for Your Man

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The Ultimate Shaving Kit

Whether your man rocks a dashing beard or prefers to keep it clean, this shaving kit will make the daily task of upkeep a total game changer. Not only does this high-quality ash wood handle & luxury badger hair brush keep your man feeling silky and smooth throughout the day, it will also turn his sink from a hot mess to a more elevated bathroom.


2. The Roses That Will Show Your Love for a Whole Entire Year

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Who says the classic gift of a rose can’t last longer than a week? We’re not suggesting buying entire wall made of roses like Kanye did for Kim but these bad boys literally last an entire year. Coming in three different shades and sizes to choose from, let the most classic token of love last a lot longer for your girl to enjoy and show off with.


3. Keepin’ it Cool: This Winesulator That Keeps Your Partner’s Wine Fresh

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Whether you and your partner enjoy picnics or want to get a buzz at the beach, never fret again about turning what could be an amazing date sour by taking a sip of a nasty glass of sun-kissed wine. This shatterproof high-tech Winesulator will save the date no matter where you venture off to. Cheers, you lovebirds!


4. This Double Weight Outdoor Hammock

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Love is in the air - literally. Nothing says “I love you” or “I really dig you” more than your partner wanting to share their hammock with you. Whether you both are festival goers, (happy) campers, or even just want to step up your backyard to an intimate escape, this lightweight and extremely durable portable hammock is guaranteed to be your new cuddle sesh spot


5. This Double Size Two Person Umbrella

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Take some notes from Rihanna and let your love stand under your umbrella. Oh, wait..most umbrellas will cover you and maybe half of your partner, leaving them soaked. So what’s the newest solution and perfect Valentine’s Day Gift? This Double Size Two Person Umbrella. Show your appreciation and salvage your loved one’s outfit on date night!


6. For the Travel Couples: “Let’s Get Lost” All-In-One Passport Holder

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“Let’s Get Lost” together - Not “Let’s Go Crazy Because We Can’t Find Our Necessities Right Before Boarding” frustration. Whether you’re flying to visit each other or escaping to your favorite tropical island, help your partner out by saving them from the stress of last minute travel jitters with this simple yet total game-changer passport holder. Didn’t charge her phone? Can’t find his wallet? This passport holder has got you covered. Just make sure you give him the aisle seat.


7. This Light Blocking Sleep Mask

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We all need our beauty sleep and whether this is for him or her, show your love by helping your partner getting a better night’s sleep or mid-day nap (and even help yourself out too by relieving your partners grumpiness). This total light blocking, super soft, and handmade sleep mask and is perfect for the partner who loves a good nap.


8. This Chocolate Fondue Set for Your Chocolate Lover

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Almost everyone appreciates a good box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day but who said the sweet fun has to have an expiration date? Well, keep the love flowing by elevating your date nights at home by enjoying your own homemade chocolate covered strawberries and more. Also, you’re about to be the coolest couple in town because how many people do you know who own a chocolate fondue melting pot?


9. This Retro 3-1 Breakfast Station

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It’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or whatever special day it may be and what does your partner probably crave most? Breakfast in bed. We totally get that pancakes, bacon, coffee, and all that jazz causes a mess and can be quite the lengthy process so we’ve found this retro breakfast station that literally has all your cooking needs covered on those special mornings. Small kitchen? No problem. This mean machine is bound to make your partner hungry for more.


10. Bamboo Breakfast in Bed Tray

tray, homegoods, gifts, Valentine's Day, bed, love, couples, breakfast, coffee, tea

To go in tow with your cooking skills, bring your partner that breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day without worrying about a mess. Whether it’s a nice hot cup of coffee or a bowl of soup on a sick day, your love is bound to smile from ear-to-ear when watching you walk in with this foldable eco-friendly tray.


11. PortoVino Beach Tote

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What do women want aside from true love? Many want (and sometimes need) a good tote and wine. Is your girl a beach goer and wine lover? Perfect. We have the the latest and greatest tote for her. This incredibly cute tote is the classiest way of being discrete. Tote around with your girl discreetly with two glasses worth of insulated wine or favorite beverage in PortoVino’s Tote.


12. This Weighted Blanket

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Keep your partner extra cozy even when you aren’t around with this weighted blanket. We’ve seen the ads and heard people rave about how great they are so it’s time for you to go get your partner one. Nothing proves love more than the ability to destress your boo. Not only is this weighted blanket proven to help alleviate stress and assist in falling asleep faster, it’s large enough for both of you to cuddle under.


13. Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

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If it’s been a long day and your man has had a hard day’s work, he’s craving a cold one. While there is almost an infinite amount of beer he can buy at the store, this beer kit is going to let him make and customize his own brew..not to mention, show it off to his friends. Kick off a new hobby for your man and show your love for him and his love of beer also. This kit also comes with a variety of different flavors to choose from so no worries if he doesn’t like IPA in particular.


14. 18 Love Bites Chocolate Covered Strawberries

chocolate, love, hearts, food, Valentine's Day, couples, marriage

The name speaks for itself and let’s be honest - would it be Valentine’s Day without fresh chocolate (and strawberries)? Probably not. Amazon is hooking it up for a last minute order on these eighteen decked out chocolate covered strawberries that your partner is bound to devour (and you too).


15. Plush Slipper Socks For Her

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Your girl is about to live in these socks - just wait and see. Fluffy and super soft, this simple yet incredibly perfect gift is not only going to scream love but also give your boo the coziness she’s been craving.


16. This Super Trendy Customizable Watch

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He may not always be there when you call but he’ll always be on time (now). Is it time for your man to get a new watch? Perfect - we got him covered and you covered in the romance department. This super trendy wooden watch will keep him in style and always thinking about the love you both share since you can customize it to consistently remind him of how much love you have for him.


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