Tommy Wiseau ('The Room') Directs Normal Video for Corsica Arts Club

We wish this video was tearing us apart!

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

To many, Tommy Wiseau is the greatest living director. Because he fucking sucks. Wiseau’s masterpiece, 2003’s The Room, is hysterical, memorable, and damn-near perfect because of its utter cluelessness. Nothing about the film feels forced except for the stilted acting, of course, which only adds to the charm. Wiseau, impressively, actually tried really hard to make a dramatic film. It’s sincere and earnest.

Since then, he’s become a cult hero for his accidental classic. Everybody wants to replicate its joyful randomness. The Los Angeles band Corsica Arts Club figured the best person to recapture that greatness would be the man himself, Wiseau. Today, Noisey premiered the band’s video for “California I Follow,” directed by Wiseau.

I enjoy very much working with the band, the Corsica Art Club. I think all the members did very a good job. They have certain vision. Same here. I’m, as a director, always, you know, I’m looking for detailed work. And they present me detailed work like lyrics, they already have the music, and I say “Okay, let’s just analyze what we can do.” The concept was vision, basically - what we can do. What the story? So, we brainstormed this story, and I say “Romeo and Juliet, what about that? New generation.” And they accepted, and we did rehearsal, and that’s the finished product. So the concept was “vision, vision, vision.” Thank you.

The video is fine. It’s aimless, but so is the song. Wiseau makes a cameo, dropping a Room line (“Hey, guys, love is blind, huh?”). The whole thing views like Wiseau’s in on the joke and Corsica Arts Club is the butt. The Room wasn’t ironic, and this video isn’t either, but it sure as hell wants to be. If CAC really wanted to follow in Wiseau’s footsteps, they would’ve struck out on their own with some subpar footage. Instead, they come off looking like some guys who’d rather pretend they don’t care than try and fail with their art.

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