'Supergirl' Season 4 Spoilers: Episode 11 Reveals Dreamer and Teases Lex

Supergirl just officially introduced TV’s first transgender superhero. Season 4 Episode 11 finally shows Nia Nal’s origin story as Dreamer, and she even gets a suit to go along with it. The timing really couldn’t be better, as an iconic DC villain’s introduction is on the horizon, and it may take all available heroes uniting to stop him.

Spoilers for Supergirl Season 4 Episode 11 below.

In “Blood Memory,” Nia goes home to Parthas, where humans and aliens live in harmony, for a harvest festival, but the trip takes a tragic turn. Her mother dies, and the Children of Liberty attack during the memorial. During the attack, Nia’s forced to reveal what she’s been keeping from her sister, Maeve. She inherited the ability to dream the future and used that power to save Maeve’s life.

Maeve reacts poorly. She thought she would be the daughter with powers.

“You’re not even a real woman,” she tells Nia.

Kara tagged along to drive since Nia worried about falling asleep at the wheel, and she comforts her friend. Kara knows what it’s like to have a sister say hurtful things, as Alex now doesn’t know Kara’s Supergirl. Alex had to have her mind wiped since Colonel Haley brought in an alien, a Truth Seeker, to read the minds of the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO) agents to try to find out Supergirl’s identity.

Bookending the episode are confessions from both Nia and Kara. Nia comes out as transgender on their way to Parthas, and Kara reveals she’s Supergirl on their way home.

“You, too, are a hero,” Kara tells Nia.

Being a hero for Nia means she’s going to be suiting up as well. Her mother visited her father in a dream, and her father then gave Nia her suit. The promo for Season 4 Episode 12 (above) shows Nia fighting alongside Supergirl as Dreamer.

Though Supergirl is currently on the outs with the DEO, it’s possible that won’t last much longer. Lex Luthor’s introduction is coming in Season 4 Episode 15, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” on March 17, and it’s possible that “Blood Memory” once again featured a tease of how he’s already affecting a Season 4 storyline.

I have a feeling Lex is the one behind the training Red Daughter is undergoing in Kaznia. She has to be shocked back to life in this episode, and she isn’t doing well at the end of it. One of the soldiers says he needs to reach someone in America. That “someone” has to be Lex, right?

So far, we don’t really know how Lex is going to factor into Season 4. What we do know is that in his first episode, he “reaches out from prison to enlist Lena into one of his plans and will stop at nothing to get her on board, even if that means leveraging the life of one of her friends,” according to The CW.

Jon Cryer is playing Lex Luthor on 'Supergirl.'

The CW

We know that his plans can’t be anything good, and it’s possible that he will be the threat needed to bring Supergirl and the DEO back together. Lex may be what it takes for Colonel Haley to at least temporarily put aside her quest to learn Supergirl’s identity, or for Alex to become more like the Alex she was when she remembered Kara’s Supergirl.

Right now, I have to wonder if we’ll see one of Nia’s dreams tease Lex is coming. They may not realize what the symbolism of the dream means, but it is possible she’ll see something that warns of what’s to come, either with Lex or Red Daughter.

Supergirl Season 4 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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