'Black Panther' Oscars 2019: Editor Reveals the Awards It Deserves to Win

Wakanda should win big even if 'Black Panther' doesn't.

Marvel’s Black Panther might be up for Best Picture at the Oscars, though whether it actually stands a chance of winning is up for debate. But according to one Black Panther’s two editors, Michael Shawver, the movie truly deserves to win for categories like Production and Costume Design at the 91st Academy Awards. one of the movie’s two editors, Michael Shawver, Black Panther totally deserves the win for categories like Production and Costume Design.

On Tuesday, Black Panther received seven Oscar nominations, including one for Best Picture. Like everyone else involved with the movie, Shawver would love to see Panther win the most prestigious Academy Award — but he thinks the behind-the-camera crew might have an even better chance at winning.

The Wakandan throne room is an example of excellent production and set design.

Marvel Studios

“There are my comrades and brothers and sisters in arms making this, like production designer Hannah Beachler,” Shawver said. “Her work is just next level just in terms of the coloring but also the alphabet she created for the movie. We don’t call attention to it that much, but the history is there.”

That’s right, Wakanda has its own fictional language, which further goes to show you the attention to detail that went into Panther’s production design. Like Shawver, Hannah Beachler has worked with director Ryan Coogler on all his major features.

Shawver also mentioned the hair design work of Camille Friend and Ruth Carter’s costumes, the latter of which earned Black Panther an Oscar nomination for Costume Design.

“There were things that, while I was editing, I wouldn’t notice until one of the last cuts in the movie,” Shawver said. “Something in the design of a costume or even the hair that tells you about the history of that character or that tribe. It just goes so deep.”

Princess Shuri and Queen Ramonda in 'Black Panther' have some of the best costumes.

Marvel Studios

“I would love for those people to be acknowledged for the work they did that inspired me,” Shawver said. “Everybody just brought their A-game and came together to really make this place, Wakanda, come alive.”

Black Panther might not sweep the Oscars in some of the more major categories, but there’s a strong chance that Wakanda could win big in areas involved in building its complex, vibrant world.

The 91st Academy Awards will be held Sunday, February 24 starting at 8 p.m. Eastern.