A Dough Pillow Will Change the Way You Sleep

The Zoned Charcoal Bamboo Dough Pillow is as advanced as it sounds

The key to a good night’s sleep is hard work and exercise during the day, but if you’re like me that is a laughable pipe dream, so instead you need to look to your bedding for ways to catch some better Zs. We’ve already found a good as hell mattress to use year-round, and now we’ve found the pillows to match. These pillows use unique materials and science to give you the coziest and coolest night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time.

Residing at our favorite lifestyle shopping site, Huckberry, you can get the Zoned Charcoal Bamboo Dough Pillow right now for $104.98 down from its usual, and still very reasonable price, of 139.99. That’s a whole 50 percent off, meaning you can but a complete set of two for the usual cost of just a solo pillow.

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