No One Asked for This: An 'Entourage' Star Is Directing a Show About Crypto

We have just one question: How dare you?

If you never tired of watching the world’s worst people douche-bro their way across Los Angeles in HBO’s Entourage, well, then, I guess you’re in luck: Kevin Connolly, best known for playing the least-shitty — but still pretty shitty — character on the frat boy you tutored in college’s favorite show is, reportedly, attached to an extremely similar sounding new concept. It’s called Cryptos. We have just one question: How dare you?

In the series, still in development, “a group of discouraged young filmmakers living in Hollywood, discover a new way to finance their pictures through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency,” according to the show’s press site. The blockchain publication Breaker Mag reports Connolly will be coming on in an actor/director roll, and he was on hand to promote the concept at this week’s North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.

“It’s basically about a group of frustrated actors that say ‘fuck this, let’s just do it on our own,” Connolly told Breaker. “We know cryptocurrency, we can take on the [Hollywood] system.’”

Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Hell yeah. 

Of course, if you were looking for a way to harness and bottle toxic masculinity, developing an Entourage-y show about crypto would be a pretty good place to start. Last year’s North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami provided enough material for the first season at least. As you may recall, that was the conference that got some flack for hosting an official event at a strip club (though, to be fair, nude performances were halted till 11 p.m. THANKS! snowflakes).

“We’re a bunch of dudes with a lot of money in our 20s. We like naked girls,” Jeff Scott, a real stand-up guy by the sound of it, told Bloomberg when it reported on the conference blowback. “If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but you’re not going to expect us to change.”

The show doesn’t have a network yet, but it definitely seems like it’s going for an HBO kind of vibe, citing Ballers, Silicon Valley, and, duh, Entourage as the creative inspiration. Most of the producers look to have a bit of a cryptocurrency background, too, and seem to think the project could be some kind of opportunity to help bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream. Producer Jason King’s bio says he co-founded Academy, a “Blockchain University,” to address crypto’s talent shortages; and Erik Sords, in his bio, says he “sees decentralized apps as the next big thing.”

We’ll probably mainline the whole thing.

Media via Cryptos