The Most Useful Water Bottle You Can Own Is Selling Out Fast

The secret? it's not just a water bottle.

There might not be a more vital modern accessory than a good water bottle. They keep hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold, and they cut down on plastic water bottle use, which is the scourge of the environment and makes you very unattractive when you drink from one. Sorry, it’s science.

I’m a sucker for a good insulated water bottle, owning three myself because I am an actual maniac. You only need the one, and may I humbly recommend you make that one the FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle, Featuring an inner and outer chamber and a durable, stainless steel design.

The FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle is crafted to house both your liquids and your essentials, whether that be keys or snack. The inner chamber can hold your favorite snacks, drinks or personal essentials, while the vacuum-insulated outer chamber can keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. The best part? The de-constructable design makes cleaning totally effortless, even if you’re a city dweller who can only dream of owning a dishwasher. Finally, a place to put everything that saves you having to rummage in the bottom of your backpack for your damn keys.

Normally $34.99, the FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle is 17 percent off right now over at the Inverse Shop. You can grab one before they sell out for just $28.99.

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