This Is the Bag the Internet Went Crazy Over

The Pakt One is the ultimate bag for everyone.

There are bags, and then there are bags. For a lot of folks, a clean-cut $20 backpack isn’t going to do the job you need anymore because we live in the age of still needing big ol’ cables to charge our phones and getting caught in the rain while lugging around $2,000 computers. It’s hell out there. The answer is the Pakt One.

The Pakt One (kind of makes it sound like a Star Wars character, right? “The Packed One.”) is, as the website puts it, “the minimalist bag with endless possibilities.” It’s an approved carry-on size for all major airlines, it’s got protective corners and metal feet to ensure years of use, and, yes, it’s got a waterproof construction with water-resistant YKK zippers. There’s a reason it’s selling out everywhere: Because it does a simple, important job, and it does it better than any other bag out there.

The Pakt One is for sale on our favorite lifestyle site, Huckberry, right now, for $325.00. Get it before it’s gone.