Tesla Model 3: Europe and China Prices Revealed Ahead of Big Launch

The Tesla Model 3 is about to leave North America. On Friday, the company announced that consumers in select European markets and China could now visit the online configurator to choose their vehicle, as the firm’s cheapest-ever electric car gears up for deliveries in the next few weeks. With the launch of the online tool, Tesla has taken the wraps off pricing for these markets.

The launch represents a big moment for Tesla. CEO Elon Musk started production of the Model 3 back in July 2017, initially focusing on North America, with a big backlog of nearly half a million $1,000 reservations. After facing a “production hell” where the firm faced a “severe threat of death,” Tesla built up its production lines to reach a sustained rate of 5,000 cars per week, making 2018 one of the biggest years of expansion for any automaker ever.

It’s impressive stuff, but this next phase could prove even larger. Musk said during the company’s third-quarter earnings call that he expects global demand to reach “probably in the order of anywhere from 500,000 to one million cars a year.” In Norway alone, residents have placed around $12.1 million in pre-order reservations for the Model 3. Anticipation is high.

There are some notable omissions from Tesla’s list. The United Kingdom and Ireland are nowhere to be seen, for example, as both countries drive on the right. Musk previously confirmed to Inverse that the United Kingdom would receive the car around the middle of 2019, around the same time as another right-hand country, Australia.

For the countries listed, deliveries should arrive a bit sooner. Tesla is aiming for deliveries in Europe to arrive somewhere between late February and March, with Asia Pacific deliveries in the second quarter at the latest. Teslarati notes that the company’s website lists a March delivery date for cars in China. Tesla this week registered identification numbers for the first big batch of Model 3s heading to Europe, and the firm’s website states that cars are issued with a VIN “approximately 5-6 weeks before planned production.”

The prices below are the final totals listed when the car in question is chosen in the design studio, meaning it may factor in extra costs associated with registration and delivery depending on the market. No other optional extras have been chosen. These prices don’t include Tesla’s calculated savings. Prices in United States dollars are listed for illustration purposes.

Tesla Model 3: Long Range Dual Motor Price

Tesla lists this version in the United States at a price of $51,000 before savings.

  • Austria: €59,280 ($67,601.78).
  • Belgium: €59,780 ($68,171.97).
  • China: 499,000 RMB ($72,678.02).
  • Denmark: 464,724 krone ($70,932.90).
  • Finland: €63,070 ($71,923.82).
  • France: €53,500 ($61,010.38).
  • Germany: €56,380 ($64,294.67).
  • Italy: €60,580 ($69,084.27).
  • Luxembourg: €57,880 ($66,005.24).
  • The Netherlands: €59,820 ($68,217.59).
  • Norway: 464,020 krone ($53,597.95).
  • Portugal: €61,180 ($69,768.50).
  • Spain: €60,080 ($68,514.09).
  • Sweden: 659,380 krone ($73,300.85).
  • Switzerland: 60,390 francs ($61,148.24).

Tesla Model 3: Performance Edition Price

Tesla lists this higher-performance version in the United States at a price of $62,000 before savings.

  • Austria: €70,080 ($79,917.89).
  • Belgium: €70,680 ($80,602.12).
  • China: 560,000 RMB ($81.562.51).
  • Denmark: 576,044 krone ($87,924.17).
  • Finland: €74,563 ($85,030.22).
  • France: €64,300 ($73,326.09).
  • Germany: €67,080 ($76,496.75).
  • Italy: €71,680 ($81,742.50).
  • Luxembourg: €68,380 ($77,979.24).
  • The Netherlands: €70,270 ($80,134.56).
  • Norway: 555,320 krone ($64,143.82).
  • Portugal: €72,280 ($82,426.73).
  • Spain: €71,080 ($81,058.27).
  • Sweden: 776,380 krone ($86,307.31).
  • Switzerland: 72,290 francs ($73,197.65).

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