'Aquaman' Cartoon Trailer Mocks the Original DC Superhero

Aquaman is finally here, but if you’re worried the new movie will be more of the same DC gloom and doom this Adult Swim trailer may help change your mind. The hilarious new animated clip shows the classic Aquaman (the one from Hanna-Barbera’s Superfriends) come face-to-face with Jason Momoa’s rowdier interpretation of the character.

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The trailer open on original Aquaman talking to his therapist (who appears to be an octopus) as he complains that “no one has ever respected me, and now I’m being replaced.”

Cu the arrival of Momoa’s long-haired, live-action Aquaman.

“No man, you’re totally powerful and cool,” the new Aquaman replies. “The world just needed something new.”

Momoa’s version of the King of Atlantis than rattles off a list of reasons his predecessor is awesome, including Tusky his intelligent walrus sidekick. In response, the OG Aquaman gushes over Momoa’s tattoos before the two of them agree to hang out — probably over a beer if new Aquaman gets his way.

The actual Aquaman movie may not be quite so lighthearted, but it’s still the funniest thing the DC Extended Universe has produced in quite a while. (Or maybe ever?) Don’t expect Marvel-style quips or corny one-liners like we got in Superfriends. Still, Momoa manages to get off a few funny lines with a mix of sarcasm and nonchalance that feels refreshing in the crowded superhero movie market.

Aquaman is in theaters now.

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