Robot Erotic Dancers Became a Thing and They’re Learning How to Flirt

Sure, artificial intelligence is on track to revolutionize the banking business, journalism, factory jobs, home assistance, and — you guessed it — the sex industry too. Realistic sex bots brothels are here, but no erotic A.I. is more cutting edge than CamSoda’s Cardi-Bot. It performs dance requests from viewers for compensation and will soon be able to chat up patrons, CamSoda executive Daryn Parke tells Inverse.

“The more Cardi-Bot interacts with users, the more language she will pick up on, creating a more conversational interaction and human-like experience,” he explains. “[Using] machine learning, [the robot] can capture chats in her room to learn how to carry a more fluid conversation with its users.”

Parke wasn’t shy to reveal that Cardi-Bot was inspired by the popular HBO series Westworld. But the robot actually first debuted back in 2008 at Mutate Britain (a mutant version of London’s Tate Gallery). CamSoda is simply imbuing it with the ability to communicate and take requests.

This is #14 on Inverse’s list of the 20 Ways A.I. Became More Human in 2018.

That's just a security camera for a head, isn't it?

Its head resembles a closed-circuit security camera, its animatronic body is controlled by five motors, and it comes with glowing nipples and a light-up crotch. On paper, this might sound weird (ok very weird) but this can easily be choked up as natural growth for a booming industry.

The camming industry has ballooned in recent years with the advent of video streaming. This has empowered countless people to forge careers online, some of whom have amassed millions of voyeuristic viewers who are willing to pay to interact with cam stars.

Cardi-Bot will be like CamSoda’s in-house, robotic cam star. And no need to worry, there’s no chance it will go rogue like on Westworld.

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