The Renewable Energy Company You Should Know About

One company is trying to change the access and advantage to clean energy

Despite the interest in renewable energy sources and how to leverage them to practice more eco-responsibility, it’s actually difficult for the average consumer to find affordable ways to use clean energy. If you’re a homeowner, it can be quite costly to set up solar panels — in fact, only 8% of Americans can. It’s either too expensive, or you might live in a multi-tenant home where you need to abide by HOA regulations (meaning you can’t just put a solar panel anywhere you want). Arcadia Power is helping answer those concerns while still meeting the desire for cleaner power sources — and they’re giving normal consumers options for cheaper energy plans, that also save you money in the long run.

Arcadia Power works like your own clean power consultant — it’s an online energy platform that you can connect your local utility account to, so you can get customized suggestions for clean energy solutions. Once you enroll in the Price Alerts program, they work to monitor the electricity market in your area and send you new plans that you can approve of, with the new rate and your estimated yearly savings.

You might be wondering how Arcadia Power can secure low prices from energy suppliers — that’s actually done through the size and strength of community, which helps them negotiate new rates. You only get offered a new supply rate when it is lower than what you are paying, and in turn, Arcadia Power stays profitable by earning money from their partners for acting as the liaison. Sign up HERE and see for yourself.

Arcadia Power is also a Green America certified Gold member, accredited by the BBB and a member of the two leading renewable energy associations AWEA and SEIA. You can also use the centralized hub to track your impact, pay your bills, view renewable energy projects and manage your usage and savings. Most importantly, the service is accessible for both homeowners and renters — meaning everyone can lessen their reliance on fossil fuels for power, which are both damaging to the environment and expensive. And as people sign up to be members of Arcadia Power, their considerable purchasing power increases — so prices only get lower and lower over time.

The easy and intuitive thing about signing up is that the process is continual — as long as you’re connected to the Arcadia Power energy platform, you’ll continue to save. Once a contract that you are on runs out, Price Alerts will run the process all over again, for you to approve your next contract. And as a member, you can enjoy utility billing at no transaction fee starting January 31.

Arcadia Power is the only platform nationwide that lets members use a credit card to pay for their power — meaning you can potentially earn rewards points with every power bill. Do something good for the environment (and your pocketbook): sign up to try Arcadia Power for free today.

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