These Wireless Headphones Are the Best Alternative to AirPods

These earbuds offer a high-quality experience without the high price tag.

  • The Details:
  • Get the same basic features as Apple AirPods without the high price tag.
  • Get a crisp, reliable signal with Bluetooth 4.2 and HD capability.
  • Listen on a single run for up to 2.5 hours, and then stash them in the case up to 10 times for mobile charging.
  • Unique, metallic finish in your choice of gold, blue, silver, black, white, or pink.

Why You Want It: Apple’s AirPods offer a number of great features, including reliable wireless tech, a sleek look, and an ingenious charger-case combo. But this kind of gear should be available to everyone—not just the well to do. These Metallic Bluetooth Earbuds offer the same basic package at a gigantic discount, giving users an amazingly high-quality experience for the price.

The Deal: The MSRP on these is already quite reasonable at only $79.99 compared to Apple prices, but the Inverse Shop offers a very generous discount on top—67% off gets you essentially the same features as the AirPods for just $26 out the door.

Metallic Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case - $26

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