This Weighted Blanket Is the Ideal Last Minute Gift

For the busy holiday shopper, this last minute gift will be sure to impress.   

Not everyone has the luxury of time to get all their holiday shopping done before the first week of December. And in our fast paced, consumer based economy, if you haven’t gotten it done yet, you’re already behind—making you a last minute shopper.

Malls—and stores of all kinds—become a special kind of hell this time of year so I don’t blame you for wanting to stay away, but online shopping and shipping can be tedious in its own right.

What if I told you there was a perfect last minute gift for the difficult-to-shop-for person on your list and that it is guaranteed to arrive before Christmas? What if I told you it was the much sought after weighted blanket, now on sale for much less than retail and that I can’t imagine there is any one person currently alive that wouldn’t benefit from such a gift?

Meet the BUZIO Weighted Blanket, available in 25 pounds, 15 pounds, 10 pounds, and 7 pounds. If you’re new to weighted blankets, allow me to introduce you. Originally developed for children and adults with sensory processing disorders, weighted blankets are designed to apply consistent, gentle pressure to your body to simulate the feeling of being held.

If you’ve ever had a partner, and you now don’t, or you have a partner that travels a lot, you know the yearning for being held well. You also know that you sleep more sound when you are held and that you wake up feeling more refreshed. By giving the gift of a weighted blanket, you are giving the gift of comfortable and accessible touch without the compromise of calling up an ex for it.

I never slept better than the first few months I shared a bed with my now-partner. I’d routinely fall asleep at 8PM and wake up naturally at 6AM feeling my most rested. If you too suffer from nighttime restlessless, poor sleep quality or insomnia symptoms, a weighted blanket is the perfect all-natural remedy. The benefits are pretty much endless. Knowing you’ll use this blanket nightly forever, it’s important to note that the BUZIO Weighted Blanket is conveniently machine washable. It’s not suited for the dryer, so it’s best to wash the blanket gently first thing in the morning and leave it out to dry all day for use at night.

But let’s jump into the specs. The dimensions are 60 inches by 80 inches (5 feet x 6.66 feet), the weighted layer is made from 100 percent high-quality organic cotton, the weight is given with 100 percent non-toxic, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly glass beads and the filler is eco-friendly polyester wadding. You’ll be sure to stay warm beneath this blanket with its 100 percent cotton cover.

Sold, but not sure what option to get? The 25 pound blanket is ideal for any individual over 200 pounds, while 15 pounds is a better option for someone between 120 and 150 pounds. Buying for a child or a smaller relative, the 10 and 7 pound options are perfect for those 80 pounds and under.

Act now and act fast because at prices slashed by up to 30 percent and shipping guaranteed before Christmas Eve, there isn’t a better last minute gift.

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