20 Gift Ideas for When You Don't Know What to Give

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Some people are just really hard to buy gifts for, no matter what the occasion is. There’s your friend who already has everything. Or your mother-in-law that sort of tries to hide that she hates the presents you buy her. And then you have people on your list that you don’t really know, whether it be a co-worker you rarely interact with or a significant other’s family member you’ve never met. There’s also a chance that you are just really bad at picking out gifts.

Regardless of who you are buying something for, if you’re struggling, we want to help. After all, Christmas is quickly approaching and soon it will be too late to ship some of these gadgets. You know what that means? Having to stand in line and deal with crowded parking lots to get what you need. Shudders.

From a weighted blanket that will lead to a better night’s sleep and a luxurious cloud-like robe to a chic pour over set and a pair of Beats that offers 40 hours of listening time, take a look at 20 gift ideas for when you have no idea what to get.

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