'Star Wars Episode 9' Title: 9 Top Names From Leaks, Rumors, and Theories

Star Wars: Episode IX is still over a year away. We don’t even know what this movie will be called, let alone how it could possibly offer closure not just on the most trilogy but the entire Skywalker saga. Of course, that hasn’t stopped the internet from dreaming up potential titles for Episode IX, and some of the are actually pretty good!

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best leaks, rumors, and theories on the title of Star Wars: Episode IX (plus a few of our own best guesses). Here are the nine best possible titles. We feel like there’s a pretty decent chance one of these could be it — though considering that the movie is still being filmed we could obviously be wrong.

9) Star Wars: The Last Skywalker

This movie is supposed to be a capstone on the entire Skywalker saga, and this title plays directly into that idea. Similar to Last Jedi, it also raises the question of who the title is referring to. It could be Leia or Kylo Ren (or maybe even Rey if J.J. Abrams decides to just undo Episode VIII entirely).

8) Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire

This was the original title for The Force Awakens, and it could still work here with the First Order on the rise and looking more like an Empire every day. It makes even more sense if our theory about Darth Vader’s ghost appearing in Episode IX turns out to be true, and as an added bonus it’s also the name of a Nintendo 64 Star Wars game.

7) Star Wars: The Order of Ren

Kylo Ren is in charge now, so why not rename the First Order after him. This title would also position Episode VIII to focus on the Knights of Ren, who are still a big mystery

6) Star Wars: The Return of the Binks

This is a joke, obviously, but it also plays off the naming scene from both previous trilogy enders (Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith) while also referencing the popular theory that Jar Jar was original supposed to be the main prequel villain

5) Star Wars: The Rebellion Reborn

Rumor has it Episode IX could largely focus on the Resistance building up a new army on the outskirts of the galaxy. This title would support that idea. It also reflects the fact that with the First Order now basically in charge of the galaxy the Resistance is shifting back into being a Rebellion.

4) Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi

This would be a nice reference to what was at one point the planned title of Episode VI. It also helps set up a big conflict between Kylo (Sith) and Rey (Jedi).

3) Star Wars: Balance of the Force

Alternatively, if Rey and Kylo can somehow make peace by the end of Episode IX, but that will finally put an end to the endless battle between Sith and Jedi. Balancing the force would put a cap on the Skywalker trilogy without having to kill off the last remaining Skywalkers.

2) Star Wars: The Spark of Hope

This reference to the final scene of Last Jedi could also set the stage for a film that is expected to focus on the Resistance effort to find new allies in their fight against the First Order.

1) Star Wars: A New Order

If the Skywalker saga is ending then what comes next? New Order could be a reference to the First Order’s new reign, or, more optimistically, it could be some sort of middle ground between Sith and Jedi.

Bonus) Star Wars: Episode IX — Part 1

What if even director J.J. Abrams can’t put a cap on the entire series with just one movie? Is it possible Star Wars could pull an Infinity War and end on a major cliffhanger? Star Wars: Episode X, here we come!

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