'Arrow' Season 7 Spoilers: Who Is Emiko Queen's Mom? 4 Possible Options

When Arrow Season 7 began, Oliver Queen was in prison but Star City still had a Green Arrow. But who’s under the hood? Fans finally found out in Episode 8, though everyone on the show remains in the dark. However, the revealed identity leads to a new mystery. In a shocking twist we learn who the new Green Arrow’s father is, but what about her mother?

Spoilers for Arrow Season 7 Episode 8 below.

In “Unmasked,” the new Green Arrow is framed for murder, and it’s the (former) Green Arrow who proves their innocence. Oliver suits up again — but without the mask and his hood down — and leads the SCPD in arresting his old acquaintance, Max Fuller. Max ordered the murders and hired a hitman to frame the new Green Arrow to cover up his own shady business dealings.

During the investigation, Oliver briefly meets with the new vigilante and offers them some “advice from one Green Arrow to another.”

“Cooperate,” he says. “Because right now, most of the people in this city think you’re a killer. Are you?”

The new Green Arrow doesn’t stick around, but that encounter obviously leaves an impression on her. Yes, the new Green Arrow is a woman.

Viewers learn this in the first scene of the episode, which is bookended by the unmasked vigilante. That woman is Emiko Queen (Sea Shimooka), who ends the episode at Robert Queen’s grave behind the extra-crispy Queen mansion. (It was burned down in tie-in comics published between Seasons 2 and 3.)

Emiko Queen (Sea Shimooka) visits her father's grave in 'Arrow' Season 7 Episode 8 "Unmasked"

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“Hey, Dad,” she says to Robert’s grave. “Turns out Oliver is more like you than I thought. More like me, too. But I’m not giving up, not ever.”

Earlier in the season, we saw that, just like Oliver had a list (which he got from his father) in Season 1, Emiko, too, is crossing names off a list. Did she also get hers from Robert?

All we know so far about Emiko is she’s Robert’s daughter and Oliver’s half-sister. But who’s her mother? Here are a few possible options:


If Arrow follows the comics, her mother would be Shado. Robert’s protégé-turned-enemy, Simon Lacroix (aka, Komodo), kidnapped her as a baby and raised her to believe he was her father.

We’ve already met (and said goodbye to) Shado on the CW series. Oliver met her on Lian Yu in the Season 1 flashbacks, and she was killed. While it’s possible that prior to arriving on Lian Yu, she had some sort of relationship (even a one night stand) with Robert, it’s unlikely.

Arrow has already had father and son sleep with the same woman (and really, it’s best if they never repeat that storyline), which leads us to the next possibility.

Isabel Rochev

In Season 2, Isabel failed to take over Queen Consolidated, and instead, she and Oliver became partners. They slept together in Russia.

Later in the season, Oliver found out she and Robert were in a relationship. She said Robert was going to leave his family for her.

Could Emiko be Robert and Isabel’s child from their affair?

Talia al Ghul

This is probably a stretch, but it’s hard to believe that they brought Talia back this season and had her escape Slabside just for that one episode. (Then again, Arrow did waste the character in Season 5 by having her work for Chase when she should have been a Big Bad another season instead.)

Talia also could have trained her, just like she trained Oliver. After all, we’ve seen that the new Green Arrow is a skilled fighter.

It’s unclear when Robert and Talia could have met or been involved, but Arrow would probably find a way to make it work (even if it retcons something from the past) if it needs to.

Meet Emiko Queen (Sea Shimooka) as she visits her father's grave in 'Arrow' Season 7 Episode 8 "Unmasked"

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An Unknown Female Character

Maybe we haven’t met her mother yet. Maybe, in the scheme of things, that’s not as important as who raised her. It couldn’t have been Robert, unless we’re going to find out he was jetting off to do so before his death, while being QC’s CEO, Moira’s husband, and Oliver and Thea’s father, and having an affair with Isabel (and likely others). And even if he was, someone would have had to raise her after he died and would likely have a greater impact on her than he would have.

Maybe the more important question is who raised Emiko. Arrow could take a page from the comics and have someone unrelated to her in that role, whether or not that person claimed to be a parent, like Lacroix.

It likely won’t be Lacroix since we’ve already met him on the show, and nothing about him suggested he had any connection to the Queens. However, it is possible that they could add to or change his history.

Or maybe it will turn out to be Malcolm Merlyn, who is slated to return this season. He’s dead in the present (or is at least assumed to be), but maybe flashbacks will reveal he raised Emiko.

Arrow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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