'Destiny 2' Black Armory Weapons: Trailer Reveals Even More Badass Items

Four new Legendary weapons from the Forges and new Raid Lair.

Some of the most badass weapons ever created in the world of Destiny 2 are about to be unleashed in Black Armory, and a few of them come as a totally badass surprise.

Black Armory, which is included in Destiny 2’s annual pass, officially begins on Tuesday, December 4 when the weekly reset occurs 1 p.m. Eastern, but on Monday, Bungie released a trailer detailing some awesome new weapons coming to the game. Three of the new exotic weapons related to the Lost Forges appear — we already learned about those in Bungie’s “The Road Ahead” ViDoc — but the real highlights are four new Legendary weapons.

Ada-1, a new NPC and member of the Black Armory, introduces the video in what’s probably a cutscene from the game, calling it a “privilege” for the player to gain access to these weapons. Based on what we’re seeing, that’s totally accurate, because not only do exotics like Izanagi’s Burden look incredible, but some Black Armory legendary weapons look excellent as well.

According to one data-miner over on Reddit, these weapons are either created in the Black Armory Forges or they drop in the “Scourge of the Past” raid lair.

This Arc-powered scout rifle has a slow rate of fire and looks really steady.


No Feelings — Legendary Arc Scout Rifle

The video has a brief clip of No Feelings, an arc-powered Legendary scout rifle that seemingly falls into the archetype of high impact and range with a slower rate of fire. But whereas many comparable scout rifles have a wicked kickback, this one looks really stable by comparison. It’s unclear whether a weapon like this might get an additional unique perk, but even watching it fire a few times is enough to pique anybody’s interest (even if scout rifles need a buff.)

The weapon’s description reads, “Lose yourself in the moment.” It drops in “Scourge of the Past.”

This Void-powered Legendary machine gun boasts some incredible stability.


Hammerhead — Legendary Machine Gun

Machine guns were only recently reintroduced into Destiny 2 with Thunderlord, and Hammerhead will be one of the presumably many options now that the weapon type is more broadly integrated into the game at large with Black Armory.

The trend here seems to be high stability with these Black Armor weapons. Machine guns usually have significant recoil, but based on what we’re seeing with Hammerhead, that doesn’t seem like a problem for this Void-powered beast. The reload speed doesn’t seem half-bad either.

“Smash through the veil,” its official description reads. This one’s crafted through the Black Armory Forges somehow.

The Kindled Orchid wants to replace everyone's Better Devils.


Kindled Orchid — Legendary Hand Cannon

A new kinetic hand cannon called the Kindled Orchid wants to replace everyone’s Better Devils. This one looks like it follows the Omolon design archetype, and if the gameplay is any indication, then it probably has Hip Fire Grip or some different perk that benefits firing from the hip.

“Find the beauty in the flame,” makes for an excellent weapon description for the Kindled Orchid, and it can be crafted in a Forge.

Threat Level is a drop from the new Raid.


Threat Level — Legendary Shotgun

Threat Level looks like an interesting kinetic shotgun with an incredibly fast rate of fire. The kickback from head trigger pull looks significant, but subsequent shots seem to fire level with the previous, making this one incredibly precise.

Threat Level drops in “Scourge of the Past” with a description of, “Hold on ‘til midnight.”

The other big reveal from this weaponry video is a new exotic quest called “The Draw” that unlocks January 29. It leads to the beloved hand cannon The Last word from the first Destiny game. Does that mean the weapon was a Black Armory creation all along? Maybe we’ll learn the truth later in the Season of the Forge.

Check out Bungie’s full “The Road Ahead” ViDoc from November for a look at the future of Destiny 2.