Organize Your Life Once and for All With One App

Timelinr makes a key part of being an adult easier than ever.

Life is messy, and our phones reflect that. I have roughly one thousand alarms saved in my phone for roughly any time between 2:45 a.m. (had to catch an early flight) to 11:30 p.m. (I’m a disgusting person with a truly bewildering sleep schedule). Apps that are meant to make out lives easier don’t always follow through on that promise, and at last, we have one that does: Timelinr, a project management (and time management) app that will help you not only organize your life but arrange all the things you’re organizing.

You might have a clear idea of where you want to go with your project, or party planning, or holiday shopping schedule, but a lot can happen between point A and B. Timelinr is the planning app that lets you create high-level roadmaps in seconds, ensuring you know what you’re doing. Whether you’re spearheading a new product launch or just have a big work thing that could do with being broken down into a few smaller things, Timelinr keeps you in control with a unique look into your tasks and responsibilities at both the high and granular levels.

With a Timelinr account, you’ll be able to create a timeline to plan your project’s tasks and resources, and with a premium account you can create as many timelines and lists as you can think up.

A premium account with Timelinr usually comes at professional-grade costs, at $430.00. Right now, though, you can pull the trigger on a full subscription and the app for just $29.99. Get it before it’s gone.

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