The Best Mattress You Can Buy This Holiday Season

If this is the year you finally get a new mattress, allow me to make this easy for you. 

Chances are if you’ve never purchased a new mattress for yourself, you need to. If you’re like me, you’ve been sleeping on a 4-inch thick IKEA mattress with a 2-inch egg crate memory foam topper that was slept on for two nights by someone’s out of town guest. It worked for a little while, but now my neck gets kinked more often than I’d like, my partner wakes up with a sore shoulder without seemingly any cause and the two of us find we can’t sit on the bed for any length of time without acute soreness in our tailbones.

Mattresses are like socks. Everyone needs them, but no one wants to make the time to find the best fit. No one wants to buy one for themselves. Everyone just wants a good mattress and unfortunately, it’s rare that a mattress your best friend recommends will cater to your unique needs as well.

Meet Yaasa Studio’s ONE Mattress. From its description we get our thesis, “consider how much time you spend asleep, and upgrading to a cozy mattress just makes plain sense.” Now actually consider it.

If you’re good about getting the sleep you need each night, you’re spending about 63 hours a week in bed. That’s not including the time you sit in bed scrolling on your phone before you fall asleep at night and after you wake up in the morning. That’s not including all the times you come home from work, take a shower and tuck yourself neatly under the covers for a quick 2-hour nap before dinner. You spend a lot of time in your bed, almost as much time as you spend on your feet. And we all know the wisdom well, that there are two things you absolutely do not skimp on in this life: shoes and bedding. 

For a queen-sized Yaasa mattress, you’ll usually spend $899.00, but just in time for the shopping season, you can give yourself this gift for $549.00—for nearly a 40% discount. What you’ll get for your hard earned money matters. This is a mattress designed to last with cooling infinity foam construction, made to provide contoured support and breathability throughout your entire sleep cycle. Layers of varying density with cooling infinity foam deliver a necessary balanced support so this is a mattress that will fit side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers all the same.

And for anyone who prioritizes the source of their goods, they can rest assured knowing that every Yaasa mattress is made to order right here in the United States. Additionally, buying a new mattress can be a pretty big upfront expense, no matter how discounted, but with this mattress, no box spring is required. So if you’re like me and you have your secondhand IKEA mattress on a secondhand IKEA bedframe, you don’t have to purchase an entirely new bed because Yaasa mattresses are designed to work with just about any surface including but not limited to foundations, platform bed, slatted foundations, adjustable foundations and even the floor.

Moreover, if you live in a city or if you don’t happen to have a car, Yaasa mattresses ship in easy-to-move and deliver boxes, making them a dream bed for anyone who lives in a third floor walk up or a city as old as Philadelphia with doorways routinely narrower than 30 inches.

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