The Most Frustrating Part of Owning an iPhone Has Been Solved

We’ve all been there: you’re out and your battery is at 5%. You’re frantically looking for an outlet for your phone in a crowded restaurant or train station. Your phone is like an extension of you so being without it isn’t just annoying, it can be crippling.

The BentoStack Charge is maybe the best solution to the battery life problem. It’s a wireless charger with both an easy to carry lid that charges your phone, and it comes with a storage box to carry a USB charger and even your wireless earbuds.

BentoStack ChargeInverse

So if you’re looking for extra storage you can take the whole box but if you just need to bring along a quick charge you can take the top compartment with you so your battery never runs out.

BentoStack ChargeInverse

The best part of the deal is the price. This wireless charger and storage unit is on sale for $89.99. Solve two problems with one incredible find. Not only will the BentoStack charge your cellphone but you can use it to charge your Apple Watch or other smartphone. Never get caught without a charger again.

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