Perfect Holiday Gifts for Anyone Who Loves Coffee

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Coffee makes a great holiday gift, especially because so many people drink it on a daily basis. But nothing is less original than giving someone a few bags of boring grocery store beans. This year, wow the coffee lover in your life with a gift that will elevate their coffee-drinking experience and also look great on their countertop—and in their mug.

Part of the magic of gift giving is knowing that the recipient would never buy the item for themselves (that’s what makes it a gift). So prepare to splurge a little, step out of your coffee comfort zone, and show all the coffee-lovers you know that you’re a dynamite gift giver. Impress them with high-end coffee bean grinders, milk frothers, and temperature control travel mugs (yep, they’re a thing). Don’t worry, we won’t shame you if you accidentally buy two of the same item and have to keep one for yourself.

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