Drones Are a Great Drug Delivery System Behind Bars

Ohio inmates nearly rioted over a package of heroin, weed, and tobacco.


Proving that modern criminals are no more secure from having their jobs supplanted by robots than your average stiff on the assembly line, the simple days of the bagman smuggling heroin into prison within the depths of his rectum has been replaced by impersonal drone delivery. If you can call that progress.

Ohio inmates nearly rioted last week when a shipment of 7 grams of heroin, 57 grams of marijuana, and more than 140 grams of tobacco was drone-dropped into the yard at the Mansfield correctional institution. This has become — if not a frequent — at least an unsurprising occurrence, with prison officials confirming they’ve had to work on increasing drone detection as more and more contraband is remotely piloted over the walls. In this latest event, the drone was caught on camera dropping its cargo in the south recreation yard instead of the north recreation yard, where the intended receiver was waiting.

Correctional officers had to use pepper spray to break up the men fighting over the narcotics, finally strip searching them and placing nine in solitary. No word yet on whether the drone pilot was ever identified, which right there is a testament to how attractive this method is.