Become a Raspberry Pi Master With This STEM Starter Kit

It comes with 35 project recipes. 

  • The Details:
  • Get a Raspberry Pi 3B+ pre-loaded with Raspbian OS on an SD card.
  • Learn the ropes via 35-included project recipes.
  • Expedite programming knowledge with the visual Dragit language
  • Explore 37 fully customizable sensor modules and get creative with STEM IoT projects.

Why You Want It: The Raspberry Pi gives programmers an excitingly affordable entry point at the digital-physical nexus, otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT). That said, having the right sensor modules is crucial. This pack includes a base 3B+ Pi, as well as 37 fully customizable modules that are ideal for users interested in STEM projects—and at a discount to boot.

The Deal: If you’re interested in programming and IoT, this is a great opportunity to jump-start your progress. Usually $149, this pack is currently on sale for 13% off at only $129.99 out the door at the Inverse Shop. Plus, if you use the code BFSAVE20 at checkout, you can save an additional 20%.