Black Friday 2018 Deals: Cold Coffee Hyperchiller V2 Is the Perfect Deal

  • The Details:
  • Multi-chamber, stainless steel design keeps coffee and ice separate for an undiluted result.
  • Cools 12.5 oz 130 degrees in only 60 seconds.
  • Designed with for use with most single-cup automatic brewers and traditional brewing methods.
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty.

Why You Want It: The HyperChiller gives you perfect cold brew without having to wait overnight, go out for java, or end up with a diluted mess. It cools your coffee while keeping liquid and ice separate, creating a full-strength, supremely cold result. Plus, it only takes a minute before you can transfer the brew to your favorite glass or mug.

The Deal: $29.99 at the Inverse Shop, a HyperChiller V2 can be had at a 20% discount right now. Just enter the special Black Friday code, BFSAVE20, and you’ll be drinking amazing cold coffee in no time.

HyperChiller V2 Rapid Beverage Cooler - $29.99