Neil deGrasse Tyson's Bad Twitter Style Makes It Onto 'Last Week Tonight'

"John, I had a small issue with the film..."

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s tweets are Very Bad, as they explain the science behind just about everything in grating, though somewhat lovable, style. Here’s an example from 2013: “The film Gravity should be renamed ‘Angular Momentum.’”


On Sunday, Tyson was recognized, in a way, for those tweets on Last Week Tonight in a brief clip in which he science-splained how a star is actually born, right after host John Oliver had shown a montage of praise for the Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga film A Star is Born. (It really is just, amazing.)

“John, I had a small issue with the film,” deGrasse Tyson says in a video clip you can watch above. “See, if you want to know how a star is actually born, you start with a gas cloud….”

Oliver responds with an expletive-filled pantomime tantrum, per his usual schtick:

Watch the full segment — which is actually about the rise of authoritarianism — here (It’s also embedded below).

Tyson’s own talk show, Startalk, recently premiered its fifth season on the National Geographic channel. Ahead of the premiere, Inverse spoke with the famed astrophysicist. Read those stories below.

It should be noted that while we love to groan at Tyson’s tweets, the data tells a different story: People actually love Tyson’s Twitter movie reviews. The results of this recent poll he shared bear that out. Of the more than 150,000 Twitter users who voted when he asked if he should bring those tweets back, 86 percent of users called for them to come back.

Mary Poppins Returns opens on December 19. There are at least 129,356 people hoping Tyson can soak the magical tale of family, love, and childhood in cold water.