Here's the One Tool You Didn't Know You Needed 

It has an innovative rotating hook.

by Shane Roberts

By adding a rotating hook, HeroClip exponentially increases the uses for the humble and indispensable carabiner. Stock up today with 25% off a two-pack with promo code SKIMHERO, which brings the price down to $15/clip.

Whether you need to hang a lantern from your tent, a bag from your closet rail, or a travel mug from your backpack, HeroClip comes in handy. From your hotel room to your tool shed, you’ll continuously find unexpected uses for HeroClips, and the addition of the small and mini sizes make HeroClip that much more portable. Unfortunately they can’t be in two places at once, so start your collection with this rare discount.



2-pack of HeroClips (blue, black) for $30 with promo code SKIMHERO

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