Does the Internet Want You to Quit Your Job?

Personal changes create a profit motive for companies in the jobs industry.


Sokanu, a Vancouver-based career counseling company, wants you to know that it’s okay to hate your job. That’s why the company has created a quiz to tabulate your satisfaction level using fairly standard HR benchmarks, like office relationships, pre-work emotions, and cash in hand. Sokanu’s “Should I Quit My Job” quiz is actually nicely executed, but it’s also propaganda (and SEO trolling) of a sort.

Unemployment remains an issue, but finding talented employees with specific skill sets remains difficult. To that end, job poster and recruiting agencies are being more proactive about catalyzing discontent into a real reaction. Should you quit your job? Yes, and you should rely on Sokanu to find you a new one instead of just using LinkedIn or, god forbid, calling someone.

Sokanu claims the test should be helpful for most workers, citing Gallup poll numbers that about 70 percent of people don’t like their jobs and about 20 percent actively hate what they do. As reflected in the quiz, reasons are commonly crap bosses and unfulfilling work. This implies that there are so many bad bosses that seeking new employment is, at best, a dice roll in the happiness department.

Sokano really wants you to gamble.

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