‘Stranger Things’ Day: Season 3 Cast Shares Message From Set to Celebrate

Stranger Things Day is here, and the cast of the third season has shared a special message to celebrate the anniversary. Tuesday marks the day that Will Byers went missing in the first season of Netflix’s popular show, on November 6, 1983, and the team is getting into the party spirit on set.

The next season of Netflix’s wildly popular nostalgia-tinged sci-fi extravaganza is currently shrouded in mystery, but the day reflects the huge fanbase surrounding the show and its cast. The Twitter account, with nearly two million followers, has kickstarted the hashtag “StrangerThingsDay” to mark the occasion, with viewers jumping in with their triple-decker eggo-themed tributes to the gang. However, while some may have expected further details about the forthcoming season, the official account instead shared a message from the cast on set as filming continues. The team has yet to reveal much more beyond a teaser posted in April 2018:

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Users of the hashtag demonstrated the strong following for the show, with people recording tributes to the upside-down, stitches depicting memorable scenes, and incredible Halloween pumpkin decorations. Some fan tributes focused on the fact that the day coincides with the United States midterm elections, with radio show host Dave Fuller calling on politicians to put “Stranger Things Day” on the ballot to make it an official holiday.

While details are scarce about the next season, a few details have revealed the general direction for the upcoming instalment. The official Stranger Things book, World Turned Upside Down, reveals the next season will take inspiration from George Romero (famous for Night of the Living Dead), John Carpenter (Halloween) and David Cronenberg (The Fly). Co-creator Ross Duffer is quoted as saying that there are “horror movies and horror masters that we haven’t really paid tribute to as much in previous seasons that we are definitely going to get into this season.”

Stranger Things season three is set to premiere sometime in the summer of 2019.

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